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One machine for many different jobs

It’s a hot and humid day, about 80˚F when we find Turk Harrison and his companions Randy Charbonneau and Charles Louis in a glade in Chittenango, New York. They are waiting to deliver black walnut trees to a customer.

Harrison started his business in 2018 by renting his machines. He wanted a machine that he could use every day. It had to be flexible and able to drive anywhere, even where there isn’t much space. He decided to buy a hoe excavator instead of a forestry machine.

His first direct contact with Engcon was when he visited a demo day and got to try a Doosan fully equipped with Engcon’s tiltrotator system. He was really impressed with the arrangement. He realized that he could have one machine to complete many different types of jobs and he was surprised how easy it was to maneuver. So, when the demo machine went up for sale, he didn’t hesitate.

Harrison bought a Doosan DX 140, with a complete engcon setup composing of 2 quick couplers, an engcon EC 214 tiltrotator, EC-Oil, Q-Safe, integrated gripper, timber grapple, MIG2 joysticks and DC2, a grading bucket and a digging bucket. We ask if Harrison would have chosen differently if he had purchased the machine from a machine supplier. But he replied that he would not have changed a thing.

- “The best thing with the Engcon solution is the versatility. The setup fulfilled my wish to have one machine that I can use every day. And I can do many different jobs with fewer people at a high pace” says Turk.

When we visited, he had the machine for around one month. That day’s agenda was to load and sell black walnut trees. Black walnut is not so common in his area but it’s an important tree commercially, as it is easy to work with and the wood has a favorable deep brown color. We had a coffee break while waiting for the customer, who will measure and approve the trees he wants to purchase. For this job they’ve only needed Harrison’s Doosan and two chainsaws. When the customer and the truck arrived, the work is done at high speed. Rudy and the customer check the trees, Charles cuts them if needed, Harrison lifts the trees towards the truck and the truck driver loads the logs on the truck, which ends up full at a remarkable pace.

- “I was worried about the durability since my work is heavy duty, I lift heavy trees and work in rocky ground and that’s something completely different to digging a hole in sand. But I ‘m impressed, it really works well. I have had a couple of small problems but Engcon team has been great and helped me right away, so I’ve been able to continue the work the same day” explains Turk.

"The best thing with the Engcon solution is the versatility."

Turk Harrison

Equipment on this machine

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