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As soon as I saw a tiltrotator in action, I realized the advantages!

The engcon team arrived bright and early to meet Tyler Scovill at Scovill’s Landscape Contractors who has been commissioned to design and execute an elaborate garden update and create a place that can be enjoyed all four seasons. So far they have finished the patio, steps, large boulders were placed, trees and flowers are planted. Now they are doing the last bits of the lawn.

Scovill’s specializes in creating and building custom hardscapes such as front walkways, back patios, and complete outdoor living spaces. Their design team is creative and effective in designing custom landscapes that are personalized to fit the customer’s needs, desires, and visions. From their own nursery they can deliver a wide variety of trees, shrubs, perennials and plants.

An important part of their job is to plan how to go through with a project. They need to do the right task at the right time to make sure everything comes together perfectly. Usually it’s very tight on the work sites. Scovill’s Landscape is mainly using the Engcon tiltrotator to take away material in small spaces to keep them clean for maximizing work flow. In gardens, tracking the machine around can damage the ground, so it’s important to minimize this natural requirement of using an excavator. The engcon tiltrotator helps them to get the material on spot and perform actions where they stand. An example is they put stones in the bucket and lift them to the worker who is unloading. They can stand still and rotate the bucket instead of driving around.
”The Engcon pallet forks are my favorite. We use them all the time instead of a pallet truck, so it saves us a machine investment. We also chose an integrated grabber with our Engcon tiltrotator and it’s a perfect substitute for a thumb but with more areas of use”, says Tyler.

This is hard work. They work early mornings and late nights, in 90 degrees F and in subzero cold so Tyler is passionately driven to find new ways to make work more direct. As soon as he saw a tiltrotator in action on a video in social media he realized the advantages of it and decided that he must have one. He showed it to his father and they got intrigued.

- “ We choose Engcon because I felt connected with the Engcon team and they provide great service and support. The hard part was to motivate the cost before I knew how soon it would pay off”, Tyler reasons.
They bought the Engcon tiltrotator last spring and they can already see that it saves them manual labor.

- “We can reach longer and get closer than we did before and we can change attachments without getting out of the excavator. We save a lot of wasted movements and heavy moments like shoveling soil or stones and lifting heavy material”, says Tyler.
While talking about this, they lifted grass rollers over the fence to the lawn to finish todays work.

- “We now do plan to buy a second tiltrotator since we realized the benefits. It’s a tough industry and I’m sad to say that machines are cheaper than labor. But we have been lucky to work with really good people. So, in the long term we want more machines, so we can do more jobs with the same amount of employees”, says Tyler Scovill.
The project is a success. Scovill’s Landscape Contractors has created a lovely backyard, a tasteful combination of stones, plants and a freshly developed lawn.
“I love to see how my clients enjoy their patios and the job we have done. It makes the work worthwhile. Our best marketing is word of mouth, when a pleased costumer recommends us to their friends and neighbors. We are what we are today thanks to our passion for the work and our team”, concludes Tyler.

"The Engcon pallet forks are my favorite. We use them all the time instead of a pallet truck."

Tyler Scovill, Scovill’s Landscape Contractors

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