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Marchion & Faucher

Andrew Marchion’s father, Edward, started Marchion and Fauster in 1978, and Andrew says he’s been involved in the business, “Since I was old enough to walk, more or less.”

Last year, they involved engcon in the business, and now they are sprinting thorough jobs faster than they ever have before.

Marchion had been interested in engcon for a about two years. After researching, watching videos and talking with other excavators, he was able to borrow an engcon from a friend. “ We had to backfill a trench, and there was no easy way of getting to it. But all I had to do was turn the bucket, and I was able to get right in without having to dig-out first.”

That day, he explained. “We turned a three-day job into a one-day job.”

After that, purchasing from engcon about a year ago wasn’t a big decision. Currently, he has one engcon tiltrotator on a 35 John Deere, and one on an 85 John Deere.

The day we visited, Marchion and his crew were taking down two large oak trees that were overhanging a house and utility wires in a rural area of Connecticut. His brother Eddy, also a part of the business, was in the bucket high above. As the large branches thundered to the ground, Marchion was able to grab the large pieces, spin them into position, then feed them into the wood chipper. Occasionally another worker would have to make a few cuts on a particularly large piece.

The ability to grab a large branch and rotate it so it feeds easily into the chipper is one of the things that makes life easier for someone who does a lot of tree work. In fact, Marchion has done tree work with only two men on the job, one in the bucket and Marchion captaining the engcon. Somethig he could never have done before.

“We also do a lot of broken water lines and sewer lines,” he said, and many of those are in parking lots and other areas with little room to maneuver.

“We have to haul out the old material and bring in the good material,” he explained, and that’s where the automatic quick coupler makes the job so much easier. The EC Oil allows him to easily switch back and forth between between the bucket and compacter as he goes. Marchion says that his day is less strenuous than before the engcon. “It’s much less labor now. I don’t have to have a guy in the hole, he can just watch (from above) to make sure you don’t hit anything. It makes all the difference.”

But it isn’t just in tight spots that the EC Oil is a plus. No matter where he’s working, “I don’t have to find someone to give me hand with the hydraulics (when switching), It just makes things so simple, I can’t even describe it to be honest.”

When it comes to upkeep, Marchion said there is very little maintenance to insure the engcon is working smoothly. ”There are just a couple of grease fitting…and that’s about it.

engcon says to keep it greased, and if there’s ever a need with with anything else, they help as best they can.”

Marchion knows that since getting the engcons, they complete jobs much faster, and that lets them take-on more jobs than they could in the past, and do it with less people.

Before getting the engcon in March of 2021, Marchion remembers, “We were supposed to be eight-months behind (in getting jobs completed.) But by the time Fall came we were trying to find more work because we’d already finished everything. The engcon was a big part of that.”

Andrew Marchion thought for a second when asked if he could imagine going back to life without his engcon equipment, then laughed and said, “Yes… but I don’t want to…how’s that?”

« We turned a three-day job into a one-day job. »

Andrew Marchion
Marchion and Fauster

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