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Given the right set of tools, you can save a lot of money. The tiltrotator is just such a tool.


Maximise excavator capability by reducing:

  • Assignment time
  • Fuel consumption
  • Costs
  • Environmental impact
  • Machine wear


Easier work, lower costs and higher safety.

  • Quick and easy tool changes
  • Fewer machine moves
  • Better fuel economy
  • Reach confined spaces and hard-to-get-to surfaces
  • Less wear


New modes, new jobs and simpler handling.

  • No need to move the machine for advanced operations
  • The bucket can reach difficult places
  • Quick and easy tool changes
  • The machine can perform different types of work in a shorter time


When there's no need to move the machine, the operator can stay put and let technology share the responsibility.

  • Products developed with innovative safety
  • Designs that help the operator meet his safety responsibilities
  • No need to move the machine as often
  • Simple tool changes – no need for the operator to leave the cab
  • The bucket can reach difficult places
  • Accessories and tools from a single supplier means peace of mind

Save money and work more efficiently!

Given the right set of tools, you can save a lot of money. The tiltrotator is just such a tool.

Pipes, water & sewage

Railway engineering work

Electrical, telecom & broadband

Construction sites

Road construction


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Pipes, water & sewage

The versatility you need, you get from the engcon tiltrotator. You can work in narrow spaces without having to move the machine, and you can change tools quickly and easily.

Excavating for water supplies and drains frequently involves working in limited spaces; in certain cases there is not even space enough to drive in and out with the machine.

The solution is called the "engcon tiltrotator", making your excavator more versatile than you'd ever imagine. With a tiltrotator you can excavate at any angle and, for example, the ability to dig around a manhole or a stop-end is instantly there without you having to move the machine even once. engcon's tiltrotators enable you to rotate the bucket infinitely and you can also angle it to 45 degrees in both directions.

Not needing to move the machine means it becomes many times more efficient, you save fuel, reduce wear on the machine, the workplace becomes safer and you help protect the environment. Your clients and customers will quickly see the advantages and there's no doubt about who they will choose to work on the next project!



Pipe work

Railway engineering work

The tiltrotator increases safety when working on the railway, and maximizes efficiency.

The tiltrotator increases safety when Working on railways with an excavator places enormous demands. Safety is the prime factor and it is here that engcon contributes with vital solutions. Using an engcon tiltrotator you transform your excavator into a flexible, efficient AND safe tool carrier.

A rail-bound machine has a limited scope of movement, and especially in lateral motion. With engcon's tiltrotator you can carry out lots of tasks that would have been impossible earlier. Just imagine a scenario as simple as excavating between two sleepers – easy... Drive the excavator to the required position, rotate the narrow bucket or grab at a 90 degree angle and dig sideways-on. A task that would be unthinkable without a tiltrotator.

A tiltrotator on the excavator allows offset excavation from the rails, along the rails; work on inclines is made possible and a fork frame can be used to handle goods and a grab attachment can be used to lift materials.

All of this can be achieved without unnecessary machine movements which are both troublesome and pose a risk to the surrounding area. Carrying out as many tasks as possible from one and the same position is both efficient and SAFE!



Sleeper work


Electrical, telecom & broadband

Excavations in these areas are often associated with a 'lack of space, narrow access and precision excavation'. Engcon's tiltrotators provide an elegant solution to such problems.

Thanks to its ability to rotate and tilt the bucket it's no longer necessary to constantly reposition the machine to get at the job.

Exposing existing cables is no longer difficult. Rotate the bucket through 90 degrees and then tilt it to a suitable angle to excavate beside, under or above an existing cable with the utmost precision.

The need for manual labour is minimized and so too is the risk of injury to personnel in the vicinity.

Tests show that cable trenching using the tiltrotator is up to 40 per cent more efficient, making whole projects more profitable and allowing estimates to be met.



Cable trenching

Pole erection

Construction sites

Convert your excavator to a multitasker for use in ways you never thought were possible.

Not only does actual excavation become so much more efficient and profitable with the engcon tiltrotator – thanks to its ability to tilt and rotate the bucket into positions previously impossible – it also minimizes the number of machine repositionings, thus reducing damage to land and increasing site safety.

The amount of spoil is also reduced thanks to its ability to excavate more precisely where required.

And when it's time for backfill you'll note that it's possible to shave off up to 50 per cent of the time, as everything can be performed from one and the same position.

It's the same thing with materials – noticeably reduced material spill also means backfilling is quicker and more profitable.


Excavation, water & sewage

Pipe work

Pallet fork operations

Road construction

Road construction involves a number of different work situations, and engcon tiltrotators simplify tasks considerably.

Ditching, stripping, terracing. pipe laying and grapple operations, etc. no longer mean constantly repositioning the machine.





No work demands as much precision and feel as landscaping.

The grounds and surroundings must be shaped in such a way that they blend in with the local setting.

As often as not there are no drawings, and it’s down to your feel and imagination to create graceful, elegant landscaping.

With an engcon tiltrotator fitted to your machine this task is simplified considerably, and many creations would be impossible without engcon.


Garden levelling

Grapple operations

Brush clearance


What is an engcon tiltrotator and what can it do?

A tiltrotator is an excavator's flexible wrist, and engcon provides a profitable total concept for your operation.

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