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Profitability and safety with engcon

With world-leading engcon as your partner, your operation will become more effective, efficient and profitable. engcon’s total concept with its unique safety features is suitable for all excavators ranging from 1.5 to 33 tonnes.

Engcon develops sorting grabs for new generation of tiltrotators and excavators

Engcon, the world-leading tiltrotator manufacturer, is modifying its stone and sorting grabs to meet the needs of a new generation of tiltrotators and excavators.

Fifteen years have passed since Engcon launched the SK stone and sorting grabs, and over the years they have become increasingly common accessories used to make excavators even more useful and flexible. But because tiltrotators have developed a great deal in 15 years and excavators are now more powerful, Engcon is adapting the grabs to meet today's needs by strengthening them and making them more suitable as accessories.

Two-year warranty on engcon tiltrotators

Engcon provides a two-year warranty on all new tilt rotators delivered after January 1 2018. We also offer the possibility to register your tiltrotator and record completed service and maintenance.

This provides the benefits of a well-documented product and the ability to receive targeted service messages. As with the automotive industry, documented maintenance improves a product's prospects for achieving a higher resale value.

Read more about registration

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