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engcon tiltrotator

30-40% increased efficiency and higher quality of work

With the world as his work field, Tom "Pro" Prochazka with the company Gravity Logic designs and builds downhill tracks and entire bike parks. One week he can be in Sweden and the following week, work in the Italian Alps or at home in Canada.

Gravity Logic is recognized for having designed and built some of the world’s most famous, most ridden, and time-tested trails. Beyond the dirt, they are a bike resort development company with proven operational experience, and staff who have worked closely with the most successful bike resorts in the world. A clear understanding of rental, retail, programming, and day-to-day operations are just as important as the trails that support them.

Some interesting projects:
- Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Canada - the largest and most successful bike park in the world generating 200,000+ rider visits per year.
- Jarvso Bike Park, Sweden - this is where we have first discovered an engcon equipped excavator in 2009. Jarvso has embraced to Canadian/Gravity Logic way of building bike parks and is now the most successful bike in Scandinavia. Jarvso is really a model bike park for all others to follow.
- Trestle Bike Park in Colorado, USA - Trestle is the largest bike park in the US. They also embraced the engcon technology and have one engcon equipped Deere 50D.
Whistler embraced the engcon technology and use excavators equipped with engcon tiltrotators.
- We first discovered the tiltrotator in 2005 when we started building trails in Jarvso Bike Park, Sweden. We were blown away because in north America we only used fixed bucket excavators. Immediately we realized that we have been working with inferior equipment says Tom Pro.

Tom personally spent a lot of time working with Daniel Soraker who was the machine operator building the trails in Jarvso and he opened my eyes to what engcon Tiltrotator was capable of. From the first day Tom saw the tiltrotator he was determined to build trails with it in North America.

- It took a while, but in 2009 I was able to locate the engcon dealer Samuel Larsson from X-Attach in Washington State and he brought a demo machine to the Whistler Bike Park and the rest is history. We were also able to bring Daniel Soraker (the best engcon equipped excavator operator in my opinion) to demonstrate what the machine can do. As soon as the local operators tried it, they were sold says Tom Pro.

Tom describes how engcon helps Gravity Logic in their work.
- Our work is really sculpting with an excavator. Our trails are multidimensional requiring many processes in every 10 meters which makes for tedious work. The engcon tiltrotator is able to speed up the process by at least 30-40% and the finished product right behind the machine is of much higher quality requiring minimal finishing by hand. Finishing an engcon built trail will require 1/3 of the crew and 1/2 the time compared to a conventional machine-built trail. Tom also tells us that labor is the largest cost in a bike park operation, so savings with an engcon equipped machine is substantial.

- We have also found the engcon equipped machine is capable of building more complex trails, enabling us to be more creative in our design. This has really elevated the trail building standard to another level and has helped the sport of MTB to evolve says Tom Pro. Quality trails result in increased rider visits which results in greater revenues for the bike park operator. This greater trail quality has reflected positively on Gravity Logic, resulting in happy clients.

- By our calculation, the average bike park will realize a full return of the cost of an engcon Tiltrotator in less than one season due to reduced labor costs and increased revenues. Guest satisfaction is incredibly important to a bike park operation which is largely related to the quality of trails and engcon makes it much easier to achieve this goal ends Tom Pro.

“We have also found the engcon equipped machine is capable of building more complex trails, enabling us to be more creative in our design.”

Tom "Pro" Prochazka, Gravity Logic

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