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“It’s faster than I could ever work before”

When Matt Guerra was 8 years old, his friends were playing with toy trucks in the dirt, while he was operating his father’s tractor and excavation equipment for real. Almost thirty years later Matt is still at it, and his favorite toy today is the engcon Tiltrotator. Though he’s been working for a long-time with his father John, who started JP Guerra,
Matt is new to engcon, buying his first piece of equipment in May of 2020.

- Years ago, engcon approached and wanted to give me one tiltrotator to demo, and me being me, said, ‘Never…that thing’s going to break. I know what I do, I know the rock I dig, it would never last in the conditions that I work in.

Most of JP Guerra’s work is residential site work, demolishing exiting structures, removing foundations, clearing the lots of rocky, rugged New England. He tried the equipment out twice, and after the second time when he worked with one for about 90 minutes under actual work conditions, he said to his dad on the drive home, “I think this thing would benefit us.”
- The builders that I work for absolutely are in love with it and love the work that it can do. It’s faster than I could ever work before, Matt says.

Matt’s very first job with his new engcon equipment showed him just how valuable the engcon can be. A builder had purchased a house that sat at ground level one block from the Long Island Sound. Flood insurance for a house that close to the water at
ground level is extremely expensive, so to make the house more affordable, the builder decided to raise the structure about 13-feet above sea level, which would make the flood insurance less expensive. Once the house was raised and supported, it was up to JP Guerra and the engcon to remove the old foundation, basement slab and footing.
- “With the engcon grapple I was able to grab a chunk of the foundation, break it off, lift it up and spin it around.”

Then he could place the broken concrete easily into a bucket for removal without a lot of dirt. The old way would have been to traditionally demolish the foundation, and removal would have been more inefficient and costly. After removing the old foundation, Matt excavated for new footings. He explained why the engcon was so useful, because with the engcon, “I’m able to sit in one place and excavate a 90 degree corner without moving. If I could only dig a straight line, I’d have to keep setting up in
different places.” Raising a house 13-feet above the ground wasa unique job, and Matt was glad he had unique equipment to do it.

The day we met Matt, he was excavating a street in front of new home construction, hammering out a rock ledge and excavating a trench for pipe to be laid to attach the home to city water with his John Deere 50G equipped with engcon quick coupler, tiltrotator, joysticks and a selection of buckets. The debris couldn’t be pushed straight out of the trench, or it would have landed in the middle of a busy street. The engcon tiltrotator allowed Matt to work from the back on the lawn facing the street and rotate the bucket to dump the debris to the sides of the trench. Matt also loves the sensitivity and customization of the controls.

- You can plug a laptop into it* and change the direction of the controls, the speed, the sensivity, and make it anyway way I want to make it comfortable, Matt says.
After Matt took delivery of his engcon equipment, he was surprised at how quickly he became comfortable with it.
- Everyone would say before I got it, that it was a good 2-3 week learning curve. But literally, helped by the engcon crew backing the equipment I picked it up in days. The support is absolutely amazing, any issue I had in the beginning, I could pick up the phone, call support, “And I guarantee they would answer on the first ring, Guerra said.

Another job for JP Guerra that week was doing the final grade on the yard of another new home. Although he doesn’t do a lot of landscaping, the engcon tiltrotator
and tools makes it easy to landscape a property in just a few hours.
- It’s so much easier. If they had to dig those holes (for planting trees) as square as I made them, it would take hours longer. I was able to spin that bucket ‘round and dig right down beside a fence post and keep the hole symmetrical for the root ball. Matt said. The engcon also let him back slowly across the yard, leveling the topsoil side-to-side as he went. He says he doesn’t have any particular tricks or hacks with his engcon.
- Nothing that anyone else has never done. Honestly, it’s endless the things that you can do. I think every move is a trick with this. Guerra’s next trick will be getting another engcon Tiltrotator, for his larger excavator.

* The DC2 control System also having the future with Remote Support. Connect your mobile phone (Android) to the system via Bluetooth and then call engcon support and they can do the setting via the mobile net from wherever they are.

“With the engcon grapple I was able to grab achunk of the foundation, break it off, lift it up and spin it around.”

Matt Guerra, JP Guerra

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