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engcon – an important part of the biggest construction site in Poughkeepsie for over 40 years

engcon’s tiltrotator makes life easier and the work much faster. At this project Salt point equipment company (SPEC) will need to operate in areas with limited space, which requires a system that allows them to work in a flexible and versatile way. So, it was a natural choice for them to invest in the engcon tiltrotator system.

The Eastdale Village project
The “Main Street” will include buildings with the option of additional residential space on the 2nd or higher floors of the business. Different local and regional businesses will fill the space. The first tenants at Eastdale Village are set to move in this fall. The plan includes public squares, community centers and greenery, as well as sidewalks for easy foot traffic and a bus stop. You will find the second-largest park in the town here. It will include access to Wappinger Creek, a pavilion, walkways and public restrooms.

Eastdale Village job generation
The project is anticipated to create 300 construction jobs over five years of development, as well as a minimum of 85 and up to 300 local full-time jobs through the businesses that open in the community.
One of those local companies working on the project is SPEC. They’ll employ between 8-10 people in their crew along with 7 excavators on the Eastdale Village project handling all the ground works.

engcon’s tiltrotator makes life easier and the work much faster
A tiltrotator is an excavator's wrist that allows the bucket to rotate unhindered around its axis, providing infinite flexibility for those tight spaces. It allows a bucket or any other tool to rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to 45 degrees, meaning fewer machine movements leading to reduced wear and tear and less gas consumption.
“I was a little afraid about the durability when I saw the tiltrotator for the first time but now I know that engcon is built for hard work and that the quality is top notch,'' says Matt Swanson.

The engcon system will save SPEC time and money and improve safety. The biggest saving thanks to engcon, is on labor which means the earnings on each machine can be improved.

To finance the engcon system they decided to opt out of an excavator thumb and with the savings invest in the tiltrotator, a control system, joystick, rapid tool changes and a couple of different buckets.
“The engcon system opens up for more solutions and it gives us the ability to build whatever we want”, concludes Matt.

“The engcon system opens up for more solutions and it gives us the ability to build whatever we want”

Matt Swanson

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