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engcon FAQs

Why is Q-Safe one of the world's safest quick hitch locks?

Q-Safe cannot be opened if the tool is off the ground. The bucket must be in contact with the ground to enable disconnection*. In other words, it's impossible to drop the bucket through unintentional opening of the quick coupler lock.

What’s more, Q-Safe enjoys threefold safety through:

  1. Monitoring functions with audio and visual alerts to warn the operator if the bucket is not correctly connected.
  2. Powerful springs and hose burst valves in the locking cylinders that maintain the lock function in the event of a ruptured hose. This unique design feature makes it impossible for the bucket to dislodge, even if the locking cylinder or other hydraulics should fail.
  3. Preventing full excavator use, unless the bucket or tool is properly connected, by activating slew limitation* or boom lift limitation*.

* Accessories

What will EC-Oil do for my excavator?

EC-Oil saves time and fuel by allowing the right tool for the job to be selected and connected safely and smoothly. The operator does not have to leave the cab to change tools or disconnect the tiltrotator, as EC-Oil is used together with engcon's Q-Safe quick hitch.

What makes Q-Safe different from other quick hitch locks?

The requirement for the bucket to have ground contact is a unique function. Furthermore, either the slew or boom lift function will be blocked if the bucket is not correctly connected.

Q-Safe is factory-fitted for EC-Oil – engcon’s solution for connecting hydraulic tools automatically from the cab.

The standard Q-Safe quick hitch is supplied with a warning system that alerts the operator if the bucket or tool is not in full contact with the quick hitch. For further safety, there is an optional ground pressure function. QSC – Q-Safe Control – is also available to enable safe control of the excavator and tiltrotator quick hitches through a single control panel.

What is a tiltrotator?

A tiltrotator is connected between the excavator's arm and the bucket and can be compared to a wrist that allows the operator to tilt (up to 45 degrees) and rotate the bucket or other tool infinitely in both directions. If you need extra help, you can select the grapple accessory that provides the tiltrotator with extra functions in the form of material handling. The hydraulic quick hitch beneath the tiltrotator allows you to connect any bucket or tool from the operator's position.

What is Q-Safe?

Q-Safe is the umbrella term for engcon's safe quick hitch and associated products.

What is MIG2?

MIG2 is engcon's joystick for infinitely variable tiltrotator control. It has up to three rollers for stepless tiltrotator operation and up to seven buttons for connection to other functions. It's also possible to select an FNR rocker switch to control track and comfort steering.

What is EC-Oil?

EC-Oil is an accessory that consists of a hydraulic manifold with hydraulics, electrical and central lubrication connections. Because EC-Oil is installed on the Q-Safe quick hitch, the combination provides fully automatic connection of hydraulic tools such as a tiltrotator, grapple, sweeper, compactor and so forth. This means the operator does not have to leave the cab to connect the tool.

Is the DC2 proportional system suitable for all excavators?

In addition to remote support, what else can I do with my smart phone connected to DC2?

How does the tiltrotator make an excavator more profitable?

Our customers agree that a tiltrotator makes an excavator easier to use, more flexible and up to 50 percent more efficient while also reducing the number of machine moves to a minimum, thus causing less ground damage. Reducing the number of machine moves also reduces the need to fence off areas; it means less machine wear and lower fuel consumption. Thanks to the inbuilt hydraulic quick hitch, many different tools can be connected to the excavator. What's more, because they can be tilted through 45 degrees and rotated infinitely, the excavator's areas of use increase dramatically.

How does a tiltrotator work?

The tiltrotator is connected directly to the excavator's arm or beneath the excavator's quick hitch. The tiltrotator is then connected to the excavator's hydraulics and electrical system. Depending on the excavator's extra hydraulics, control is adapted to suit different types of control system. The most common connection takes place via a single or double-acting extra outlet on the arm and the tiltrotator is controlled by a proportional control system known as DC2. The actual control unit (cab module) is located in the cab and the tiltrotator's functions are controlled using our MIG2 – joysticks with rollers that allow the operator stepless control of the tilt, rotation and grip functions if a grapple has been selected for the tiltrotator. Signals from the joystick and the control unit are received by solenoid valves on the tiltrotator, thus controlling the function selected.

How does a tiltrotator make an excavator safer?

An excavator with a tiltrotator requires less manual labor in and around its work area. When engcon's Q-Safe quick hitch is also used, safety is further enhanced as the risk of dropped tools is minimized. The use of a hydraulic quick hitch also means there is no need for the operator to get in and out of the cab to change tools, which reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls.

How does EC-Oil enhance the excavator's profitability and efficiency?

EC-Oil allows rapid switching between different hydraulic tools; the time saved is enormous as many tool changes take place in the course of one day.
It also makes it just as easy to connect or disconnect your tiltrotator. In the case of major soil removal jobs, or if space is too confined to work with a tiltrotator, it's possible to disconnect the tiltrotator just as quickly without having to leave the cab.

How do I make a warranty claim for an engcon product?

How do I know which tilt rotator is best for my excavator?

Can Q-Safe be used on all excavators together with products from other manufacturers (e.g. buckets, tiltrotators etc.)?

Can I use MIG2 together with any control system other than DC2?

Can EC-Oil be retrofitted?

Yes, all Q-Safe quick hitches manufactured since the beginning of 2015 are factory fitted for EC-Oil.

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