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Experience engcon DC2

engcon's stepless proportional control system for tiltrotators, engcon DC2 (Digging Control), is the aggregate of a high level of safety, the latest technology and several new functions to improve operation. engcon DC2 is suitable for all machine brands on the market and is available as an optional extra or can be retrofitted.

Smart apps save time and money

1. Smartphone

Connect your Smartphone to the DC2 via Bluetooth and switch between different operator profiles and tools or enter speed settings. Call the support desk and obtain remote support via the mobile phone network.

2. Remote support

DC2 troubleshooting and calibration via the mobile phone network.

3. The DC2 proportional control system

The DC2 proportional control system for tiltrotators fits all excavators. Available with wheel and track steering, as well as boom control via the machine's joysticks.

Maximum safety – certified and approved according to ISO 13849-1 and 2006/42/EC.

4. Full functionality

The ergonomic MIG2 joystick is optimized for demanding use and can, when combined with the DC2, be used with up to six rollers and 14 buttons on two joysticks.

engcon DC2 – safety* in the system

engcon DC2 complies with the new international machine safety standard SS-EN ISO 13849-1. Each control button and roller is monitored by double signals. These signals are alternate and crosswise, and are the only sure way of detecting a short circuit in the cable, something which is not standard in traditional control systems. Control over the hydraulics has been improved, with additional on/off valves and pressure monitors to prevent simple faults leading to dangerous situations. If a problem occurs in the hydraulics system, the machine will switch to "safe mode". The operator is warned with a clear error message on the control box's built in display.

* In accordance with the safety requirements, the DC2 is certified specifically for each individual machine model. This takes place continually as the systems are sold. For further information, please contact your engcon dealer.

The right settings – with the market's first remote support system

Via a PC/USB or Smartphone/Bluetooth, you can personally adjust the speed of the controls and increase machine control at any time. Personal settings are stored in the user bank for quick retrieval by each operator.

Developed using the latest technology, engcon DC2 offers remote support. When a fault is indicated, you contact the remote support, which then takes control of the system via a server link and an app in your Smartphone. The remote support can carry out troubleshooting, basic calibration and track larger faults, saving both time and money.

  1. Increase in speeds of around 10 minutes.
  2. More detailed information for service technicians.
  3. Quicker and easier services.

engcon DC2 is specially designed with remote support via Smartphone and computers through the mobile network.

New functions and advantages to improve operation

engcon DC2 offers exceptional precision, flexibility and machine control, is easy to use and install, and has a number of new functions which enable your excavator to get to work faster.

  1. Several system outlets with the option of track control and wheel steering and also, moving the boom.
  2. Steering with up to six rollers (Otto and Danfoss joysticks).
  3. Smart joystick adapter for steering/controlling all the tiltrotator's functions. Can be fitted quickly and easily to the original levers and does not affect the CE mark.

Work on a new level
– it’s easy to get started!

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