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UK Welcomes First Kubota KX085-5 Excavator with engcon Tiltrotator

Twenty two year old Jack Dickson has just become the proud owner of the first Kubota KX085-5 excavator with two-piece boom and engcon tiltrotator to arrive in the UK.

Jack hails from the Lake District where his family run a successful caravan and holiday park and whilst Jack has spent numerous hours helping with the maintenance and redevelopment of the park over the last few years, having his own machine and undertaking his own work has always been a dream of his.

Already operating a Kubota KX080-4A excavator now with 3600 almost trouble-free hours on it, when the new -5 model was announced, he quickly inquired as to its price and availability with local dealer, PV Dobson at Kendal. “I had heard some very encouraging reviews about the increase in performance and productivity from the -5 and whilst the older machine was still doing fine, I just wanted an upgrade with a two-piece boom to increase my versatility when it comes to certain operations.” Jack commented. “I have dealt with Dobson, as have my family, for many years and they are an absolute dream to deal with.”

The new excavator was to push the outside works Jack had started to pick up in larger quantities and was originally going to take the place of the existing 8 tonne machine. “We agreed a deal with Matthew at Dobsons for a trade-in on the older machine.” Jack Commented. “But with additional contracts being secured, we decided to keep the -4A machine for a while longer.”

While the new -5 comes with an improved hydraulic specification, increased cab comforts and a variety of other improvements, it was the addition of a twopiece boom and more-so the fitment of a new engcon EC209 tiltrotator complete with EC-Oil on both top and bottom hitches, that has given Jack a bigger boost in productivity than he ever imagined.

I already had a standard tilting ditcher on my old machine, and it just opened up a raft of possibilities when it came to certain works. I thought that the tiltrotator would take that a step further when in fact, it’s given us a huge leap instead.” He explains. While the choice of base machine was almost a given thanks to the excellent relationship with Dobson, Jack took the time to look at all brands of tiltrotators available before making his decision. “They all have their pros and cons, but it was the recommendation of Jack Hull by Matthew at Dobson that swung it for me.” He comments. “Jack specified the EC209 for us and fitted it all prior to delivery from Dobson. The machine was ready to go to work when it landed, although I do have a few more extras I want to add when I have the time!”

With much of Jack’s work centring around the Lake District, one of the first major projects for him and the machine was in the centre of Bradford where he is working on a long-term project from Darwen based ERH Contracting. ERH have been asked to undertake the excavation and installation of new district heating pipes through the city centre. Used to distribute hot water to heat public and civic buildings, the new pipework will eventually be connected to a new waste to energy plant currently in construction. The twin steel pipes are insulated and coated in impact and wear resistant plastic before being buried almost 2.5m below the city’s streets and pavements. To undertake this work, the new Kubota is proving to be the ideal machine thanks to its compact dimensions and impressive reach. “With the two-piece boom fully extended I can easily reach the bottom of the cut, but also having the ability to curl it in tight means we don’t need a full road closure in which to operate.” Jack comments. “I can also sit outside of the line of the cut and still dig a flat-bottomed trench out thanks to the engcon.”

Jack is currently awaiting his breaker and grab to be converted to EC-Oil headstocks to allow him to utilise the hitch to its full potential. “I have a range of buckets to use with the machine and a brush due soon too, but the Scandi-style engcon bucket is ideal for doing everything here. It’s the perfect size for the trench, lightweight and will dig through the harder material with ease.” He explained.

On the day that Tilt & rotate met up with Jack in Bradford, he was tasked with excavating around an existing 600mm diameter water main. Under the watchful eye of his banksman, Richard, Jack was able to carefully remove the material from around the HDPE pipe. As the trench stays open for a few days for the pipe installation, Jack was then asked to clean the sides of the excavation to allow the installation of some lightweight piles to ensure the excavation stayed safe.

With the sheet piles put in place by hand, it was a simple task for Jack to apply just a little pressure on the top of them to secure them in the ground before the hydraulic bracing was installed. Careful and considered movement of the bucket saw Jack clean the sides of the trench and with having the ability to rotate the bucket any way he wanted, there was very little work left for Richard to undertake with the shovel. “The tiltrotator is a great addition to the machine.” Richard commented. “It not only makes our lives easier on the ground, but it also makes it safer. We don’t have to be using a pick or a shovel to dig around services as Jack just spins the bucket around and does it so much quicker and easier.”

In Jack’s short time using the engcon, he has quickly realised the benefits associated with running the system. “It’s a big financial investment to make.” He comments. “But what we are able to do with it and the added productivity gains we get, I envisage that it will pay for itself in just 12 months.”

« The tiltrotator is a great addition to the machine. It not only makes our lives easier on the ground, but it also makes it safer. »

Jack Dickson

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