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Richard Baker’s case excavator transformed to 3D Engcon swiss armyknife

Owner operator, Richard Baker has invested in a new Case CX145D SR
excavator, that he calls his 3D Engcon enabled Swiss Army Knife and it has transformed his business.

His new setup consists of an Engcon EC214 unit with top and bottom QF60 hitches, all with EC Oil connections. EC Oil allows powered attachments to be quickly changed from the safety and comfort of the cab, by automatically connecting hydraulic services, in addition to electrical and greasing lines.

The top hitch also allows the tilt-rotator to be easily removed if it is not required, without the need for Richard to leave the cab. To support his move to 3D, the latest Leica Geosystems machine control guidance system has been fitted. This includes
sensors mounted onto the Case machine and a direct connection made into the heart of the Engcon tiltrotator, allowing information on bucket position to be relayed straight to the in-cab monitor.

What makes his new Case unit into his Swiss Army Knife, is the array of attachments Richard has also purchased, which include half a dozen buckets with the S60 attachment profile for general digging, grading and cable laying, together with a compactor plate, powered forks and a sweeper unit.

Commenting on his decision to invest in his new 3D Engcon enabled Case excavator, Richard said: “It was around seven years ago that I first decided to purchase an Engcon tiltrotator unit. It was a bit of a gamble at the time, as there weren’t many around, so I thought that it would give me an advantage over other operators, which it did.
When it came to the time to renew my excavator setup, I again looked around to see what could help me improve.

“As an owner-operator, the first thing I have to do is win profitable work that I know I can deliver, with the equipment I have purchased. In years gone by, I used to get paid by the hour or day, but now the work I do is generally based on a price
per job, so I have to be as productive and fast as possible.

“What was different this time around was the fact that since my last equipment renewal, Chasetown, who I get a lot of work from, had moved to use equipment from Leica Geosystems to create 3D models for their earthworks. This was why I looked
into how the Engcon system works with machine control and discovered that it was relatively easy to combine the two, especially as my Case dealer could fit and commission both for me. So having gone with the Engcon and Leica Geosystems combination with a range of attachments, I now have the most capable and
versatile Swiss Army Knife style excavator onsite, which is already turning heads and delivering profitable work.

"I now have the mostcapable and versatile Swiss Army Knife style excavator onsite"

Richard Baker

Equipment on this machine

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