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Providing a one-stop-shop for training on the most cutting-edge excavator technology

For several years engcon has been working very closely with the team at Hitachi Connected Technology (HCT) to help create a one-stop-shop for customers to buy their excavator, tiltrotator, dig system and RCI all from a single supplier who manages the sale, installation and support for all products. This has proven hugely successful and has produced a massive uptake in the number of companies getting engcon tiltrotators fitted to their excavators.

Looking to take things to the next level several months ago it was decided with our colleagues at Hitachi Construction Machinery UK and Hexagon that we would put together a demonstration machine for Leica’s training school at Whitchurch in Shropshire. The idea behind this is it gave all three brands access to a machine that showed off some of the most advanced solutions on the market on a premium excavator brand. It also gives potential customers the opportunity to try before they buy.

Industry Director for Heavy Construction at Hexagon, Neil Williams, was quoted as saying:

“Having the Hitachi ZX225 excavator complete with engcon tilt rotator and our MC1 solution provides the operator with the latest innovations. This facility allows the time and space to learn how to combine these tools to deliver the best value back to the business. The same can apply to business owners who can physically see how they can increase productivity and efficiency in their business by combining the latest technology” The facility is open to anyone to attend and experience this genuinely effective combination. “

Jake Walley, Technical sales/support engineer who is the machine guidance specialist at HCT had this to say:

“Hitachi Connected Technology (HCT) offers you a range of market-leading 3D machine control and special attachment solutions to enhance the efficiency and safety of your Hitachi equipment. HCT works closely with engcon and Leica to ensure installations are carried out to the highest standard by manufacturertrained engineers; which are supported by both HCT and engcon and Leica for total peace of mind.

The ZX225USR-7 demonstration machine at the Leica Training School is equipped with an engcon EC226 and gripper with EPS, which allows integration between the Lecia and engcon systems. Also installed is the Leica MC1 with co-pilot which can automate the tilt and rotation of the engcon. Finally, HCT have installed XWATCH-5 rated capacity indicator (RCI) with height and slew limitation to maximise the safety onsite.

HCMUK wanted to offer a first-hand experience of the complete HCT solution to customers, and by working in conjunction with our partners engcon and Leica, this has been made possible at the Leica Training School.”

engcon UK, Hexagon and Hitachi Construction Machinery UK will be hosting dig days at the Leica Training School at Whitchurch in Shropshire on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th November. Details about this event will be released shortly. To find out more speak to your Leica, engcon or Hitachi sales representative.

« HCT works closely with engcon and Leica to ensure installations are carried out to the highest standard by manufacturer-trained engineers. »

Jake Walley
Hitachi Connected Technology (HCT)

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