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The Quebec-based construction company embracing innovation with engcon tiltrotators

For our first review in Quebec, we hit the road to Quebec City to meet with Taylor Amyotte et Fils, a young company founded in 2019 by Mike Amyotte and Jason Taylor.

Despite their different backgrounds, Mike and Jason came together thanks to their shared interest for construction. Mike, a trained carpenter with experience in managing excavation sites, and Jason, who comes from a family of excavation experts and works in law enforcement. We got to join Mike and Jason for dinner one day when they discussed a project, and how their passion for construction brought them together to form TAF.

Now in 2023, the company has expanded to four employees and owns two excavators, a Skidsteer, a tractor for snow removal, and a truck to transport their smaller earthmoving and landscaping tools. TAF enjoys tackling a variety of challenges, including landscaping, house excavations, and land expansions.

Currently, the two friends and business partners are on a construction site in Lévis, working on a house excavation and a water inlet. It is here that they once again appreciate the advantages of using an engcon tiltrotator.

After discovering tiltrotators through social media and YouTube and seeing how they are used in Europe, they noticed that some Canadian companies are gradually adopting and equipping themselves with engcon tiltrotators. One such company, DK Excavating in Ontario, allowed them to try out the product a few months later. In December 2021, TAF turned the corner and purchased a John Deere 50G with an engcon EC206 from their local dealer, Brand Tractor Ltd.

When asked why they decided to buy a tiltrotator, Mike and Jason often cite its efficiency, performance, and safety benefits. The EC206 tiltrotator, along with its integrated gripper, rock grapple, and three buckets, enables them to work more efficiently and access sites that were previously inaccessible with a traditional excavator. It also saves them money on labor, improves cleanliness, and reduces the need to move the excavator frequently. Additionally, it makes their excavator look like a ferocious beast that allows them to compete with larger machines.

After conducting extensive research, they ultimately chose engcon due to its rotation system design with a grease trap, similar to the excavator's turret which is equipped with central lubrication to reduce equipment wear and maintenance costs. They also heard positive feedback about the company's service from other engcon customers. "After discussing with multiple suppliers, we had a positive impression of engcon and our experience so far has proven us right!" adds Mike.

TAF is now committed to using tiltrotators on all of their excavators and is already planning their future purchase of an engcon for a larger excavator. Jason and Mike will also be participating in a demo day with engcon in Canada in 2023.

Overall, TAF has come a long way since its founding in 2019, and its commitment to using innovative technology like engcon tiltrotators is just one of the many reasons for its success.

« After discussing with multiple suppliers, we had a positive impression of engcon and our experience so far has proven us right! »

Mike Amyotte
Taylor Amyotte & Fils Inc.

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