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engcon has helped us grow – we’ve almost doubled in one year

We arrive on site in Harwinton, Connecticut, to meet Green & Sons LLC. On this particular project they will prepare the ground before building a private villa, including everything from cutting down the trees, landfilling, fine digging, piping, septic system, top sole, general landscaping, backfilling the foundation and preparing the drive way for paving. Many get surprised how their small company has solved this job so fast with just three persons. Today we meet Greg Green and his son Quentin Green and Kyle Plourde at Green & Sons to find out just how they did it.

Quentin is the third generation Green & Sons, a family owned company who has operated machines and completed contract work for over fifty years. When they first got here it was just woods and the ground was wet and muddy. Green & Sons constructed extra drainage and added additional gravel as a precaution under the foundation to prevent water damage. This required extra effort and time as well as costs, but the future house is secured. They also recommended the costumer to level the ground with soil, so that the property could have an expansive lawn with plenty of usable space for activities. Now the place looks neat and well-planned.
Every company wants to be successful. Quentin had been looking for more efficient ways that could save them money. So, when he saw a video on social media about what a tiltrotator could accomplish, his first thought was ”awesome, this is what we need to diversify our business”.

Green & Sons was recommended engcon and felt immediately that the engcon team asked the right questions and were genuinely interested in their business and to cooperate.
“They made us feel like family and could offer us an exceptional service and that was important to us and our family business”, Quentin explains.
So for their Volvo EC160, Green & Sons bought the entire engcon system, which includes a quick coupler, tiltrotator, ergonomic joysticks and control system. On top of that, they also got the EC-Oil, the automatic, hydraulic connection quick coupler system that now is engcon’s standard.
Quentin tells us that he experiences many of engcon attachments as game changers.
“As an example the integrated grab, is a perfect tool when bringing down pipes or foundations. By using the integrated grab the job is done with simplicity, and it’s safe and very precise. The engcon ripper is really well designed. You can put it away without it tipping and the shape allows you to have a strong grip and get better breaking power”, states Quentin

Green & Sons are also very impressed by the quality and design of the engcon buckets and Quentin explains that the engcon buckets are very affordable, nicer and more durable than other buckets he ever have worked with.
“I was worried about them being durable enough, managing our conditions in Connecticut with rocky ground, lifting heavy stones and the tough challenges we put them through. But I’m impressed!” Quentin sums up.

The engcon system is literally saving them money by saving a tremendous amount of time on all their sites. If they don’t need the tiltrotator, for example when they lift really heavy items, they have the flexibility to just take it off. Thanks to the automatic quick coupler with EC-Oil, they don’t even have to get out of the cab. And when they want to change tools, say from sorting grapple to grading bucket it’s just as easy. “This also means massive time savings for Green & Sons” says Quentin.
“I didn’t think we would invest in our second engcon tiltrotator within a year. But already after 3 months, the first one had saved us so much time and paid its own investment. So we just bought our second one and I don’t think we’ll ever buy an excavator without having an engcon tiltrotator attached to it. engcon has helped us grow and take on bigger jobs with the same number of people. Many jobs would be impossible for us to execute, if we did not have the engcon tiltrotator system. We’ve almost doubled up in size in one year”, concludes Quentin, with a big smile.

"I didn’t think we would invest in our second engcon tiltrotator within a year. But already after 3 months, the first one had saved us so much time and paid its own investment."

Quentin Green, Green & Sons

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