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"I have seen a 50 to 80% increase in productivity with engcon"

During the autumn of 2016, we came into contact with Deven Schneider via our instagram account. Deven builds BMX, mountain bike & supercross tracks – fantastic creations that just beg to be ridden hard. We asked Deven to tell us about his business and how he uses his engcon tiltrotator at work.

My name is Deven Schneider and I am the owner of Schneider Grading and Excavating. I am a licensed General Engineering Grading Contractor in San Diego California. I specialize in all types of groundwork: house pads, underground utilities, BMX tracks, Mountain bike and dirt bike trails, motocross and supercross tracks, mud runs and erosion control.

I have seen a 50 to 80 % increase in productivity thanks to my engcon tiltrotator. I own a Case CX 36B excavator and the engcon has been, hands down, the best investment I have ever made. It has allowed me to be set apart from my competitors and become known as one of the nations top ground sculptors.. I never have to move my machine. I can literally position the bucket at any angle within my reach without having to move my tracks. There are so many situations I find myself in where engcon continues to exceed my expectations. To be able to have the ability to rotate my bucket 360 degrees and angle it side to side 45 degrees allows me to scoop up rocks or tailings without a ground labourer. My engcon ensures I have a smaller footprint due to fewer machine movements which means less clean up. The finishing capabilities of the engcon really do increase productivity and reduce the need for ground labour. It is like adding another machine to the job.

I constantly have clients watch me work, marvelling at the speed and efficiency of my setup . It’s hard to write on paper the real world scenarios that I encounter where the engcon makes jobs quicker and more efficient. The best way I can describe it is every time I use it on a job I perform a task so quickly and easily that I just shake my head in disbelief. I imagine if I was running a standard excavator without it, completing a task without being able to tilt or rotate; it would have taken minutes or hours longer with a lot more movements. An engcon completely changes the way you excavate I have found that my operating has slowed down and become more precise. With an engcon, every move now is a finished move. Only engcon can allow me to cut these angles. There is no more corner edge scratch set up moves to side swipe grade. You simply rotate and tilt the bucket to the exact grade and make the pass; and you’re finished. Less movements to finish equals greater productivity and less wear and tear on the machine. It took me about 2 months to fully grasp how to use it in terms of set up passes to finish. The new grips are very ergonomically shaped to my hand and the thumb wheels are incredibly precise and progressive. The hydraulic control is not a grabby on/off - It is a controlled precise movement that allows me to pull perfect grade back to the cab while rotating and tilting very precisely. Whether it is pulling down a cut slope, digging a v-ditch, or rotating to shade and back fill pipe, an engcon tiltrotator makes everything easier and more productive.

Please view my website and under portfolio you will see the ”San Juan pumptrack” and the ”Cardiff” pumptrack Both of these were built with the engcon tiltrotator. These images of the finished product with the incredible contours and lines are a testament to how amazing your tiltrotator is and what can be achieved with it.

"My engcon ensures I have a smaller footprint due to fewer machine movements which means less clean up."

Deven Schneider, Schneider Grading and Excavating

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