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Sivad Group tackles the tough stuff

Aaron Davis founded Sivad Group Pty Ltd six years ago and operates throughout the ACT region. Aaron was introduced to the earthmoving industry through a pathway that included operating a telehandler, acquiring one watercart and eventually identifying an opportunity to expand the business by adding an excavator.

Sivad Group has six employees and specialises in detail excavations and final trim. It has a truck and an excavator fleet that comprises three 14-tonne, one 23.5-tonne and one 30-tonne machine.

Earthmoving services provided by Sivad Group are primarily to Tier 1 companies. Major construction contractors that regularly engage Sivad’s services include the national and international BMD Constructions and more extensively, by the highly regarded Canberra based COMPLEX CO.

“While the majority of our work is for these major Tier 1 companies, we also provide services to numerous other specialist constructors and infrastructure companies in the region. Our latest fleet addition was a Case 235 30-tonne excavator which is equipped with an engcon hitch and a top and bottom engcon EC-Oil system.

Discovering engcon

“My initial awareness of the engcon system was on Instagram, where the solution illustrated immediately caught my attention. I was familiar with many of the different tilt-hitches on the market, which appeared to be a solution for the type of work I was undertaking. I had previously worked with a non-engcon hitch that provided a partial solution, however it fell short of the performance that I really needed.

“While not being entirely satisfactory, this is early experience demonstrated that I couldn't go back to a normal hitch system. With the knowledge I had acquired, I invested considerable time researching the options available for a safe and efficient hitch and tilting system. “I looked very closely at the engcon system including the EC-Oil and it was immediately apparent as a total solution in terms of time saving by not having to leave the machine’s cabin to change the many tools that I use in the course of my day.

“In particular, I was impressed with flexibility, safety and reliability of the engcon EC-Oil system and the variety of elegantly engineered purpose-built attachments and control processes that comprise the total solution. To my home system word large number of satisfied users throughout the world which gave me great confidence to move forward with the investment,” said Aaron.

Major residential development

Sivad Group’s current project is on a major new suburban residential site at Jacka being developed by Complex Co. With a total of 319 house lots and 11 multi-units, this development is expanding the suburban housing capability of the Canberra region. Part of the work involves precision trench works to carry service lines for distribution to individual house lots.

Complex Co has engaged the Sivad Group to perform a variety of excavation and land forming tasks throughout the Stage 1B residential development. The work involves the need for numerous excavator tool changes throughout the day as a result of moving the machine between jobs throughout the large site.

“We are performing many jobs right across the Jacka development and these include trenching, backfilling and trimming. Many of the tasks involve preparation for storm water and sewer works.

“For these jobs the engcon system is absolutely indispensable. I can swivel a bucket to clean out a drain. I can get to places where conventional buckets can't reach. And I could perform the work with the high degree of precision and efficiency. It has made a huge difference to the way I operate. On large development sites like this, the prime contractor will often assign us a task that cannot be performed by others or who are unable to perform with the same degree of efficiency and safety.

“The current task involves excavation of a trench to carry multiple utility services for distribution throughout the development. Ground conditions comprise hard, dry compacted clay material that needs to be precision ripped, removed and placed for back filling once utility services have been installed.

“This operation involves constant tool changes - from the ripper to the bucket and back to the ripper. The engcon EC-Oil system saves more than an hour a day and this task would be less safe and more physically demanding without this valuable technology,” Aaron said.

Total reliability

“From looking at other operators and their experience with the engcon system I was convinced of its reliable performance and confident it would give me all the flexibility and efficiency that I needed.

“From the outset I knew that I needed a full suite of tools to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency from the investment in the engcon system. We have a ripper, a full set of buckets, hydraulic pallet forks, an asphalt cutter, multi-purpose grab and a grader beam. Shortly ,we will also have a hydraulic hammer and a vibrating plate“, Aaron said.

Delivering customer satisfaction

Wayne Donegan of Complex Co said it is a civil engineering company focusing on bridgeworks and technical civil works. It undertakes major public works and infrastructure projects that require adhering to high engineering and safety standards. Pollution prevention, waste minimisation, resource conservation and compliance is integrated into planning and decision making throughout all aspects of the business.

“We identify, assess and effectively control health and safety risks to provide the highest standard of safety for our team and the broader community. Our approach to quality is a distinguishing value of the company and the foundation of our reputation and endeavour to exceed quality expectations at every opportunity.

From our perspective, we appoint contractors who have the ability to work within safety and quality standards, policies, and to the level of efficiency demanded. The Savid Group has proven to be a reliable and diligent supplier in this respect, with work always completed on time and to our exacting standards,” Wayne said.

“Having the EC-Oil and the engcon tiltrotator has improved my time utilisation by at least fifty percent for ninety percent of the time I'm on the machine. The system has delivered massive time saving because every time I change tools I am saving at least ten minutes of valuable time.

“After using the engcon tiltrotator and EC-Oil system, there's no chance any contractor or operator would want to work any other way.” Aaron concluded.

"I was impressed with flexibility, safety and reliability of the engcon EC-Oil system."

Aaron Davis
Sivad Group Pty Ltd

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