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a game-changer

Orange, New South Wales, Australia – Central West Earthworks has
recently expanded its fleet with the addition of a Hyundai Robex X125
LCR-9A 12.5 tonne excavator, fitted with an engcon tiltrotator system,
including top and bottom hitches and double EC-Oil connectors.

A private civil construction organisation operated by owner Tim Dean and son Will, Central West Earthworks provides earthworks solutions across a 300-kilometre radius area. Services range from residential and commercial developments to public works construction and maintenance. They perform tasks such as bitumen profiling, land development construction of retaining walls, pre-excavation preparation, drainage, dredging, levelling, plumbing site preparation and piling works. Central West Earthworks also specialise in remediation of outdoor areas of educational facilities
and school playgrounds. Much of the work involves upgrades to stormwater and plumbing which calls for excavation of older paved areas, installation of new
infrastructure and site remediation of damage which has been caused by invasive tree roots.

Multiple bucket and attachment changes
The diverse nature of their work involves a need for flexibility in performing tasks which often demands multiple bucket and attachment changes throughout the day and across different areas of the work sites.
“For some time we had been searching for new equipment which would be able to give us greater productivity. Additionally, we wanted to complete projects faster, with greater precision, while maintaining a safe and quick method of changing attachments between tasks”, Tim said. Discovering the engcon tiltrotator system, Tim decided this would be an ideal solution when fitted to a 12.5-tonne excavator.

An ideal combination
“We were looking at buying a larger machine, however our investigations into the engcon tiltrotator convinced us it would be best to invest in a more compact
excavator which, when combined with the engcon technology, it would enable us to access tighter sites and also be productive on smaller jobs”, Tim said.

“It certainly didn’t take long to discover we had made the right decision. The Hyundai/engcon system effortlessly delivers all the benefits promised. Equipped with rubber tracks, the Hyundai excavator enables us to safely traverse surfaces such as
concrete and asphalt without causing any damage and has all the power needed for tough jobs. Tim’s son Will has been in the business for the last five years and is a fully experienced operator of excavators and compact loaders. He is more than happy with the new Hyundai/engcon combination. “Getting used to the engcon controls took a little time, however patience was totally rewarded as you become more proficient. By the time I had operated the excavator for around 50 hours, I could perform
virtually any task with ease”, Will said.

“Our grapples, crusher bucket and auger were modified with engcon supplied ears and pins and the travel levers and foot pedals have been removed from the machine, allowing all travel to be guided by the engcon hand controllers.

Benefits become immediately obvious
“When you are in the cabin and operating the excavator, the first thing you notice is the ease of cutting a cable trench because you don’t need to think about where the machine is positioned. With the tiltrotator fitted, digging is offset, making it a breeze
to dig in line with the machine, with the bucket facing the same direction.

“Moving a heavy excavator takes time, and on our type of work, the operator has to be extremely careful where the tracks are being placed. Where we are working on a site with limited space, the excavator doesn’t need to be moved because the engcon
system allows me to manipulate the tiltrotator and tools around obstructions such as pits or poles.

“Another benefit is not having to worry about having the excavator perfectly level, as the tiltrotator can compensate for any machine angle. Safety compliance is also a significant issue on many of our sites. Being able change buckets and attachments from inside the cabin is a huge safety improvement, as well as making good business sense due to the huge time-savings.

“For the type of projects we undertake, having the engcon system has been a total game -changer. I couldn’t imagine having to go back to any machine and do the same job without it”, Will concluded.

"Getting used to the engcon controls took a little time, however patience was totally rewarded as you become more proficient."

Tim Dean, Central West Earthworks

Equipment on this machine

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