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Lynchy says tiltrotator is tops for road and rail works

Specialising in public infrastructure projects for road and rail, Lynchy Construction Pty Ltd provides services to many of Sydney’s leading prime contractors for road and rail works.

Operating throughout the greater Sydney region for the last ten years, Lynchy Constructions’ business includes labour hire, wet and dry hire of plant and equipment and undertaking detailed works for conduits, sub soils, quality basins and drainage.

Owner, Kieran Lynch said he had observed many equipment operators were using tiltrotators, so when he was specifying for his recently acquired Mecalac wheeled excavator it was natural to include an engcon tiltrotator system in the package.

An essential productivity tool

“A major part of our work is in railways, a market where the use of tiltrotators fitted to hi-rail excavators has become widespread. It made perfect sense to have the tiltrotator system fitted when we purchased the excavator,” Kieran said.

“The engcon tiltrotator is critical in providing a high degree of accuracy and precision when excavating for drainage and preparation for kerbs, crossings and pathways.

“When you are constantly working between heavy vehicle traffic and pedestrian movements, you don't have much room to move. The tiltrotator enables our operators to perform much of the work without moving the excavator. This makes the operator’s task a lot easier and faster. Because there is less equipment movement, it's also safer for everyone else on the job.

“The engcon hitch is very useful when you need to change tools within tight spaces. Timeconsuming multiple tool changes are reduced because of the versatility and the accessibility provided by the engcon system. Furthermore, in many cases buckets don't need to be changed. The engcon tools are designed specifically as part of the tiltrotator system which delivers great flexibility and optimal ground engagement, resulting in better precision work, improved productivity and less interruption to workflow.”

“We currently have two engcon tiltrotator systems. One is used for the hi-rail excavator and the other is fitted to our latest Mecalac wheeled excavator. When acquiring additional equipment in the future, we will certainly be including an engcon system in the package.

Saves time and effort

Kieran said having the integrated pinchers attached to the hitch can often make a huge difference when you need to move small items in or out of the workspace.

“For example, it may take two people to carry ancillary equipment around the site, however with the integrated grab it's a simple job to pick up tools and move them, or to load and unload them from transport vehicles or trailers,“ he said.

Operators like tiltrotators

Lynchy Constructions employs 25 employees, 15 of whom are on excavators. Typical feedback comes from operator, Gary Deegan who said, "Using an excavator with an engcon tiltrotator certainly makes every job a whole lot easier and makes for a much more pleasant work environment.”

Meeting Expectations

Kieran said he closely observed how the tiltrotator worked for other contractors and this had given him realistic expectations of the benefits his business would experience.

“In the last 10 years, we have witnessed a huge increase in the number of machines that are using engcon tiltrotators and I never cease to be surprised that their versatility.

”These systems have made the major impact in the industry, so it's not surprising that many prime contractors take notice and are pleased when they see we have adopted this technology for reasons of efficiency and safety.

“My view is, in the next two to three years, many more contractors will increasingly appreciate how tiltrotators can deliver better profitability and open more doors to business growth.

“Also, with the younger generation learning to operate machines with the tiltrotator fitted, the skill factor will be immense. Our son James Lynch (five years old) already has many hours behind him getting the feel of the tiltrotator“ Kieran added.

"Using an excavator with an engcon tiltrotator certainly makes every job a whole lot easier and makes for a much more pleasant work environment.”

Kieran Lynch
Lynchy Construction Pty Ltd

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