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Compact, flexible and highly productive

Soon after relocating from Sydney to Port Macquarie on the New South Wales mid north coast, Brett Bland acquired a Bobcat compact loader and started his contract earthmoving business.

“The business gradually took off and with the increase in work and the diversity of projects, I invested in a Yanmar 3-tonne ViO30 excavator that was small enough to let me quickly move between jobs. The Yanmar machine is very compact yet has the digging power needed to satisfy the demands of my plumbing, cabling and other customers who provide services associated with residential site construction”, Brett said.

“We also take on landscaping work that often involves construction of rock walls and other retaining materials that need to be lifted and placed accurately.

“While I work on hourly rates, performing work faster does not directly increase the bottom line. However, I was interested in exploring tools that would make the work easier, more efficient and would deliver a quality result, while giving me time to take on a larger work load.

A perfect solution

“Searching through YouTube videos, I discovered the huge number of contractors, large and small, who were benefiting from the efficiencies of Engcon tiltrotators. At first glance this looked like the perfect answer: safe tool changes without leaving the excavator cabin, amazing flexibility for working buckets and tools and a neat, quality job in earthworks excavation and shaping.

“The more I investigated the Engcon system, I more I began to appreciate the technology and saw the system had been cleverly engineered in a robust construction, designed with productivity, safety and operator comfort in mind. It was time to invest in an Engcon EC tiltrotator system that comprises a top hitch, tiltrotator, Engcon bucket and grab.

“Having the Engcon system has revolutionised the way I work. Digging trenches for cabling, plumbing and footings calls for precision. The Engcon system attached to the Yanmar ViO30 excavator enables me to dig close to marked boundaries and then neatly back fill and clean up any spoil remaining on site.

Saving costs

“Every business needs to minimise costs and track replacement is a major item. The Engcon system means the excavator can be positioned for longer periods in the one location. This keeps track movement to a minimum, as the bucket and tools can be easily manipulated to work where needed.

More break-out force

“When more break-out force is needed, the quick hitch lets you rapidly unfasten the tiltrotator and quickly re-attach for normal operation. There is no doubt the Engcon tiltrotator has made my life a lot easier and more efficiently, gets the job done faster and with great safety and customers are really happy with the quality of work performed as well is the.

"It didn't take long to get used to using the tiltrotator. There is no way I could ever go back to using a conventional tilt bucket after discovering what this attachment can do for me.

"While there is a steep learning curve in getting used to operating a tiltrotator, I found that after about two weeks I was fully proficient with the setup, and after about two months it became second nature and quite easy to use.

"In very little time you get so used to the tiltrotator that you wonder how you operated a business about one. The flexibility of the EC-Oil and tiltrotator provides a whole new dimension to the way you work and the better quality of the work produced.

Huge boost to productivity

“Adding the Engcon tiltrotator system has conservatively increased my productivity by at least 30 percent.

“Time savings from the clean-up of the site and final finishing is huge. It makes such a difference. The ability to turn that bucket 90 degrees so you can place material exactly where you want is a massive time saver”, Brett concluded.

"There is no way I could ever go back to using a conventional tilt bucket after discovering what this attachment can do for me."

Brett Bland
Bland B R Bobcat Services
Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

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