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Q-Safe™ – one of the world's safest quick couplers

Q-Safe™ is engcon’s newly-developed hydraulic quick coupler for excavators. The biggest innovation is that incorrect tool connection due to the 'human factor' is no longer possible. The system simply takes over part of the driver's responsibility for safety.

Q-Safe™ has triple safety which safety awareness permeates the entire product range.

engcon’s Q-Safe™ is one of the safest quick couplers on the market, where the risk of incorrect coupling is designed out. With Q-Safe™ fitted to an excavator, the bucket or tool must have ground contact that exerts a given pressure. In other words, buckets, tools and attachments cannot be removed whilst in the air.



As soon as the Q-Safe quick coupler makes contact with the bucket or attachment’s first pin, the surrounding area is alerted by loud audible and bright visual signals. At the same time, the excavator’s slew function is restricted.


As long as the bucket or attachment is not properly locked on both axles, the audible and visual warnings will continue. The slew function block also continues to be activated.


When both pins have full contact, the audible/visual alerts are cancelled and the slew restriction released. The machine is ready to work with the bucket/attachment fully connected. The tool can now only be removed when it is resting on the ground at a given pressure.

The Q-Safe™ hydraulic quick coupler
features safety functions such as:

  1. Electronic surveillance via two independent sensors that monitor both axles' contact.
  2. A non-return valve prevents the hydraulic cylinder opening even in the event of a hose rupture/pressure drop.
  3. Powerful, exterior springs keep the coupler locked even if the electronics and hydraulics fail.
  4. In addition, the rear axle is locked in a wedge-shaped position with a smart "steel-lip" preventing the attachment falling out of position
    regardless of anything failing in any of the other safety functions.
  1. Double electronic sensors ensure contact with forward and rear axles.
  2. A non-return valve prevents the locking cylinder from returning even in the event of a pressure loss.
  3. Powerful springs maintain the lock even in the case of pressure loss.
  4. The hook is classified for safety in compliance with: EN ISO 12100-1/A1:2009 and EN ISO 12100-2/A1:2009
  5. QLM warning system with light and audible signals is standard equipment.
  6. The rear pin lock also holds the front pin in its correct position thus eliminating the risk of accidents caused by swinging tools that are only connected to the front pin.
  7. The unique shape of the lock bolt retains the tool in the quick hitch even if other safety functions should fail.
  8. Q-Safe™ comes with EC-Oil™, engcon’s automatic hydraulic connector system.
  9. The attachment must be in contact with the ground to be able to activate the quick hitch lock.

A safe offer – order Q-Safe™ now!

Q-Safe™ offers triple safety via:

Electronic surveillance, hydraulic locking and mechanical locking. With Q-Safe™, the safety system takes over certain aspects of the operator's responsibility to connect the attachment correctly, which provides a safer workplace. Q-Safe™ is initially supplied with a warning system. The full system with turn limitation and ground contact for releasing attachments is ordered in consultation with the relevant machine supplier.

From 2014, engcon will gradually be supplying Q-Safe as the standard quick coupler in the sizes S45, S60, S70 and S80. This applies both as the machine hitch and under engcon's tiltrotator.

You’re extra safe with Q-Safe™

  1. Q-Safe™ functions independently of the tiltrotator's control system and is prepared for EC-Oil, which allows automatic connection of hydraulics and electrics, as well as central lubrication of hydraulic attachments.
  2. Q-Safe™ safety locking is dimensioned to withstand full excavation effect in all directions.
  3. The locking cylinder is designed and dimensioned to withstand the maximum power that can arise to open the coupler by external excavation forces for the size of machine concerned.
  4. The locking surface angle in relation to the excavation forces is 90° or more during the entire movement, which means the coupler is constantly attempting to close itself due to the excavation forces.
  5. Q-Safe™ meets the following current safety standards: EN474, SS-EN ISO 12100-1 and SS-EN ISO 12100-2, as well as the upcoming standard ISO 13031.

QLM – Q-Safe Light Module

QLM is a system used in combination with Q-Safe to provide both a visual and audible warning unless both bucket axles are in their correct positions and locked.

  • QLM is provided as standard when the Q-Safe quick hitch is selected together with the engcon tiltrotator.
  • QLM is ordered as a separate product for Q-Safe quick hitches for excavators (machine hitch).
  • The QLM module is installed on the left side of the excavator's arm and its cabling is integrated into the DC2 cabling.
  • If a control system other than the DC2 is used, run a separate cable for the QLM to the excavator cab.
  • Order the full system with slew limitation and ground contact for releasing tools in consultation with the machine supplier concerned.
  • engcon will successively provide Q-Safe™ as the standard quick hitch lock in the sizes S45, S60, S70 and S80. This applies to both the machine hitch and the hitch under the engcon tiltrotator.

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