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Suitable for all excavators in the 14–19 tonne weight class

EC319 belongs to engcon’s 3rd generation tiltrotator system and is the solution for those who want lower fuel and energy consumption and lower service costs. At the same time, you get more responsive digging with better support and increased precision in your excavation work.

The 3rd generation tiltrotator system reduces fuel consumption and energy requirements for the tiltrotator and attachments. At the same time, your excavator becomes smoother and easier to drive. We believe that not compromising on usability is the way to go to enable electric or hybrid machines.


  • Load-sensing hydraulics with individually pressure-compensated function.
  • Comes with EC-Oil both over and under the tiltrotator as standard.
  • Prepared for engcon Positioning System (ePS) and 2D/3D-sensors.
  • Comes ready for the sweeper (SWD) and the detachable gripper (GRD).
  • Proportional auxiliary circuits are with an increased flow on Aux 1 with up 120 L/min.

Quick hitch: Standard S60, both over and under.

Control system: Our new DC3 proportional control system meets the high demands placed on a modern control system in terms of components such as hydraulics, electronics, and software. The control system creates a better and safer working environment.

Optimized for 3rd generation tiltrotators, updated for iOS and Android and connected to the control system via Bluetooth.

Electrical system: Standard 24 volt.

The illustration shows a typical configuration. Technical data may vary.
We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

Technical specifications



  • Width A [mm]: Width A [inches]: 392 15.4
  • Width B [mm]: Width B [inches]: 315 12.4
  • Width C [mm]: Width C [inches]: 310 12.2
  • Build height E [mm]: Build height E [inches]: 480 18.9
  • Tilt [°]: Tilt [°]: 2x45° 2x45°
  • Weight [kg]: Weight [lbs]: 550 1,193
  • Max bucket width recommended by engcon [mm]: Max bucket width recommended by engcon [inches]: 1,700 66.9
  • Rec hydraulic flow DC2/SS10 [l/min]: Rec hydraulic flow DC2/SS10 [gal/min]: 120 31.7
  • Max hydraulic pressure [MPa]: Max hydraulic pressure [psi]: 22 3,191
  • Max rec return hose pressure [bar]: Max rec return hose pressure [psi]: 25 362.5
  • Max breakout torque [kNm]: Max breakout torque [lbf]: 186 137.2
  • Standard mounting: Standard mounting: S60 S60
  • Base machine weight [t]: Base machine weight [lbs]: 14–19 30,800–41,900

System engcon

What is most important for you?


System engcon, centred around the tiltrotator, saves both time and fuel.


Fewer machine transits and less need for manual work increases safety at the workplace.


The tiltrotator's ability to tilt and rotate makes the machine a good all-rounder that carries out most tasks with greater precision.


Fewer machine movements and faster jobs mean less wear on the machine.

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