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engcon provides a two-year warranty, without any registration requirement, on all new tiltrotators delivered after January 1, 2018.

Register your engcon product for even better service

We also provide the option to register your tiltrotator to record completed service and maintenance. This provides the benefits of a well-documented product service history, and it enables added theft security as well as the receipt of targeted service messages.

A product that is maintained according to instructions and regularly serviced provides better total cost benefits of ownership with less downtime, increased efficiency and greater customer satisfaction. Additionally, the product will command a higher price at trade in or resale on the second-hand market.

How do I register a product?

  • Please complete the form below. If you have any more products that you would like to register, simply fill out another form after you have successfully completed the first registration. Your personal details will have already been pre-entered to speed up subsequent registrations.
  • The end user/owner is responsible for ensuring that all services are professionally completed according to our SERVICE SCHEDULE
  • Each required service should be registered under the login section of our website:, by the owner or service provider. Should the owner or service provider does not have a login account, they should apply for one and then register any completed service.
  • The end user/owner must ensure their product receives regular maintenance according to the instruction book.

All costs for spare parts or replacement of worn parts that arise in connection with the above, and the subsequent servicing costs, are to be covered by the owner or end-user.

In the case of parts that are covered by warranty, this must be reported to your engcon dealer.

Maintenance provides better total cost of ownership and extends service life!

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