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For excavators weighing 20—30 tons

Connect and disconnect your tiltrotator or other hydraulic tools without having to leave the cab. Comfort, safety and profitability – standard engcon features. All purchases of engcon’s machine couplers, tiltrotators and control systems include EC-Oil, engcon’s fully automatic quick coupler system.

  • Hydraulic locking with fourfold safety:
    1. Electronic sensors detect when both pins have contact
    2. A check valve prevents the hydraulic cylinder from opening even if a hose ruptures or a pressure drop should occur
    3. Powerful exterior springs keep the coupler locked even if the electronics and hydraulics fail
    4. Unique lock bolt design provides additional safety. Because the bucket axle abuts the coupler side plates, it cannot drop out of position even if all three of the preceding steps should fail.
  • Front and rear locks minimises the risk of accidents caused by swinging tools and attachments
  • The machine coupler is supplied as standard with external audible and visible warning signals to alert the surrounding area
  • Quick coupler with all 4 hooks facing the direction of excavation doubles the contact surfaces. This means digging forces are distributed evenly across the coupler, minimising the risk of play between the machine coupler and the tool
  • The standardised control panel simplifies control of both the machine coupler and tiltrotator coupler, which minimises the risk of incorrect operation
  • With the ground pressure function*, the tool can only be removed when it exerts a given pressure on the ground. This minimises the risk of dropped buckets
  • Welded high-strength steel
  • Fits all excavators in the specified weight class independent of control system
  • The hook is safety classified in compliance with EN ISO 12100-1/A1:2009 and EN ISO 12100-2/A1:2009
  • This coupler type is also fitted as standard equipment under engcon tiltrotators with coupler sizes S40-S80

*Optional extras

The illustration shows a typical configuration. Technical data may vary.
We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

System engcon

Vad är viktigast för dig?


Vi gör allt som krävs för att skapa en helhet där våra kunder får ut maximalt av sina maskiner. Våra återförsäljare och serviceställen finns över hela världen.


engcons helhetskoncept ger dig en effektivare grävmaskin. Vi levererar säkra produkter som gör din grävmaskin till en lönsam och flexibel del av verksamheten.


Tiltrotatorns möjlighet att tilta och rotera gör maskinen till en mångsysslare som utför fler arbetsuppgifter med större precision.


Med färre maskinrörelser och snabbare utfört jobb minskar slitaget på maskinen.


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