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Essential for PXG Civil & Rail

Steve Johnstone established PXG Civil & Rail five years ago after spending around 16 years working with machinery on rail works and civil construction throughout Australia.

Working with many brands, sizes and types of equipment, Steve became acutely aware of how precision machinery was capable of delivering high efficiency and producing better quality work on all types of construction, mining and infrastructure sites.

Always ready for a challenge, Steve recognised that an excavator operator using a tiltrotator needed skill and precision to work with a variety of specialised attachments and tools. From early days, he noted the common usage of tiltrotators in the European
market and immediately recognised the productivity potential.

With a growing business, Steve bought an Hitachi Zaxis 85RR Hi-Rail excavator, to which he fitted his first engcon tiltrotator. This enabled him to take on more challenging civil engineering jobs; becoming well-positioned when opportunities were presented for rail infrastructure work.

Finding plenty of work on major rail upgrade works, Steve recently upgraded his first tiltrotator to a more efficient and faster operating direct mount engcon EC209 tiltrotator which includes a GRD10 grab cassette. At the same time, a grading bucket and cable bucket were added. Today, PXG Civil & Rail has a full suite of specialised rail tools.

“We find our tiltrotator is ‘bullet-proof’. Even though we work the machine and attachments hard every day, the reliability of the engcon tiltrotator has been amazing. It never lets us down,” Steve said.

“Tiltrotators make a huge contribution to productivity on all rail works. Today, if a rail contractor doesn’t have a tiltrotator on the excavator, the customer is not really interested in hiring you for their site.

“There is no doubt that the tiltrotator has revolutionised rail construction; conservatively saving an average of 80 percent in time.

“We have observed that the Australian civil construction industry has been slower to adopt a tiltrotators than their European counterparts, although they are now seen as a major productivity tool that is capable of performing work to tight specifications required by developers and project managers”, he added. Steve now has his eye on a 17-tonne rubber tyred excavator, looking to upgrade to a 17-tonne wheeled Hitachi machine which will be fitted with an engcon tiltrotator system. This will allow PXG Civil & Rail to take on even more challenging precision work.

“We find our tiltrotator is ‘bullet-proof’. Even thoughwe work the machine and attachments hard everyday, the reliability of the engcon tiltrotator has beenamazing. It never lets us down.”

Steve Johnstone, PXG Civil &Rail

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