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No one would come up with the idea of switching the placement of the gas and brake pedals in a car, as it would be directly lethal. Today, quick hitch controls, on the world’s excavators, are completely different depending on the make, model and market. With QSC, Quick Hitch Standard Control, engcon sets a completely new standard. With QSC, we put the controls for the excavator’s and the tiltrotator’s quick hitches on one and the same panel that is always mounted in the same place in the cab, on the right hand side, diagonally in front of the operator, regardless of the excavator’s make or model. The panel works with all types and makes of quick hitches and excavators*; QSC gives the operator a control with standardized placement and maneuvering of the hitches’ lock functions.

Independent control system

QSC is a completely independent control system for the excavator's or tiltrotator's quick hitch and replaces the excavator's built-in coupler lock system.
The system has its own keypad with a button to activate the excavator's quick hitch and one button to activate the tiltrotator's quick hitch. The lock buttons on the panel are clearly marked with easily recognizable symbols. This means that the operator always recognizes and uses the same method, regardless of the excavator’s or the quick hitch's make.

engcon takes responsibility

With the quick hitch locking system, QSC, engcon takes another step forward in their continuous safety efforts. A system that minimizes the risk of activating the wrong button or function when releasing the excavator’s bucket or other tools.

* QSC combined with the Q-Safe quick hitch, provides full functionality

  • Slew and/or lift restriction, as well as sound & light alerts – with an incorrectly coupled bucket.
  • Sound and light alerts - with an incorrectly coupled bucket.
  • Ground pressure function - where a bucket or other tool must have ground contact to be able to be detached from the quick hitch. Other types of quick hitches only come with the ground pressure function.
  • Controls both the machine’s and the tiltrotator’s quick hitch with a single control panel.
  • Standardizes all lock functions.
  • Compatible with all excavators, regardless of make or model.
  • Also compatible with quick hitches of other makes *

System engcon

What is most important for you?

  • Profitability

    System engcon, centred around the tiltrotator, saves both time and fuel.

  • Safety

    Fewer machine transits and less need for manual work mean increased safety at the workplace.

  • Flexibility

    The tiltrotator's ability to tilt and rotate makes the machine a good all-rounder that carries out most tasks with greater precision.

  • Efficiency

    Fewer machine movements and faster jobs mean less wear on the machine.

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