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Our DC2 control system meets the high standards demanded of all component parts such as hydraulics, electronics and software. Together with engcon’s tiltrotators and Q-Safe™, the DC2 is creating a safer working environment. DC2 offers the option of track and wheel steering as well as boom slewing. 
A smartphone app allows a remote control function as a complement to PC and USB cable connection. 
The product complies with safety standard ISO 13849-1.


  • DC2 complies with the new international machine safety standard SS-EN ISO 13849-1
  • Quick installation as all wiring uses connectors 
  • Easy to get started as DC2 is fitted with an automatic basic calibration function
  • The MicroConf PC software allows you to make fine adjustments and instantly follow the effect of changes made while the tiltrotator is in use
  • With additional control levers there is no need to replace the machine controls
  • The system makes a back-up of all the settings from the cab module to the unit’s module
  • Display for alarm and for making certain settings
  • Double feeder function
  • Robust design increases operational safety
  • Available as an option or as a retro-fit
  • Option of track control, wheel steering and boom slewing
  • Settings control via Bluetooth and smartphone as an alternative to PC and USB cables
  • Control with up to six rollers
  • Suits most machines on the market
  • Unit module located in the tiltrotator

System engcon

What is most important for you?

  • Profitability

    System engcon, centred around the tiltrotator, saves both time and fuel.

  • Safety

    Fewer machine transits and less need for manual work mean increased safety at the workplace.

  • Flexibility

    The tiltrotator's ability to tilt and rotate makes the machine a good all-rounder that carries out most tasks with greater precision.

  • Efficiency

    Fewer machine movements and faster jobs mean less wear on the machine.

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Is the DC2 proportional system suitable for all excavators?


How does a tiltrotator work?

The tiltrotator is connected directly to the excavator's arm or beneath the excavator's quick hitch. The tiltrotator is then connected to the excavator's hydraulics and electrical system. Depending on the excavator's extra hydraulics, control is adapted to suit different types of control system. The most common connection takes place via a single or double-acting extra outlet on the arm and the tiltrotator is controlled by a proportional control system known as DC2. The actual control unit (cab module) is located in the cab and the tiltrotator's functions are controlled using our MIG2 – joysticks with rollers that allow the operator stepless control of the tilt, rotation and grip functions if a grapple has been selected for the tiltrotator. Signals from the joystick and the control unit are received by solenoid valves on the tiltrotator, thus controlling the function selected.

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