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Key engcon products

Our concept is based on our tiltrotator, accessories and tools for your excavator. Presented here are key products that can be combined with your tiltrotator to make your excavator more efficient, profitable, safe and flexible. All engcon products are retrofittable. Based on our tiltrotator know how and experience, we've developed a range of products that will boost your excavator's capabilities and make it even more flexible.

An automatic quick coupler system with EC-Oil is the new market standard

We’re taking things one step further by introducing our EC-Oil automatic quick coupler system as standard equipment. This means you’ll no longer have to step out of the cab and mess around with obstinate, time-consuming hoses and connections. It also means you now get automatic oil, electric and central lubrication connection without paying extra for it.

Read more about EC-Oil here

Q-Safe – safer tool changes

Q-Safe is one of the world's safest quick hitch locks. It makes the operator's work easier and the workplace safer. The quick hitch is engineered with innovative safety functions and an effective warning system.

Read more about Q-Safe here

engcon positioning system (ePS) – full control

ePS is engcon's new positioning concept that provides maximum awareness of bucket or tool position. Choosing an excavator guidance system that works together with the ePS rotation sensor helps you get the most out of your system. ePS is compatible with most guidance systems and works on all excavators (1.5-32 metric tons) regardless of control system. ePS shows the precise location of the tool and makes maneuvering easy, efficient and safe.

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DC2 Control system – safety even from a distance

DC2 is engcon’s proportional control system and works with your tiltrotator regardless of the excavator model. The system can be remote controlled by a smart phone, even providing support from a distance. The hydraulic and electrical systems are monitored and the system makes your excavator effective and flexible.

Read more about the DC2 here

GEN II – the new generation of tiltrotators

The second generation of tiltrotators at engcon have improved function with a new tilt angle and more effective and robust details for improved safety and quality.

Read more about GEN II here

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