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09 Apr 2019 07.43
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Engcon announces that, as of March 2019, The EC-Oil Automatic Quick Coupler System will be offered free-of-charge as standard equipment between the tiltrotator and hydraulic tools. Engcon is the world’s leading manufacturer of tiltrotators – a kind of tilting and rotating quick coupler for excavators.

When ordering the Q-Safe machine quick coupler and tiltrotator with the DC2 control system, EC-OIL couplings will now be automatically included on the machine hitch and on the upper part of the tiltrotator. If a hydraulic tool is ordered in at the same time, EC-Oil is also included as a free standard in the tiltrotator’s quick coupler.

“It’s the natural step for everyone who wants to make their excavators even more efficient,” says Stig Engström, Engcon’s founder and owner.

The decision means that excavator operators no longer need to climb out of the cab and struggle with awkward, pressurized, messy oil connections when they connect or disconnect the tiltrotator or hydraulic tools beneath it. As a result, Engcon is the only tiltrotator producer in the world to offer automatic quick couplers as standard at no extra charge.

"At the launch in 2018, I said that this was one small step for Engcon, but a giant leap for the excavator industry. The decision was a great success! Today, I have to say that we’ve closed the circle. After all, the idea behind the EC-Oil standard has been around since the first sketches of our new generation tiltrotators," states Engström.

Stay in the cab while connecting hydraulic tools

An automatic quick coupler from Engcon lets an operator quickly and conveniently connect hydraulics, electrical power and central lubrication between the excavator and tiltrotator without having to leave the cab. Engcon's customers are now also offered automatic hydraulic connection between Engcon's tiltrotators and hydraulic tools.

"With EC-Oil, there is no more need to compromise. Connect and disconnect the tiltrotator quickly and easily whenever you need, without leaving the cab. Connect and disconnect hydraulic tools beneath the tiltrotator without having to leave the cab. There are many combinations, and everything is extremely safe and simple to do," adds Engström.

If the customer needs additional hydraulic functions or much higher hydraulic flow, Engcon's quick couplers come ready for the addition of an extra EC-Oil block.

"It's incredibly satisfying to finally be able to offer our end customers a full set of automatic quick couplers as standard. Our motivation is to provide our end customers with a better, safer work environment while also enabling them to be more efficient and earn more money," concludes Stig Engström.

The bottom line

All of Engcon’s hydraulic tools with QS45-QS80 always include EC-Oil as a free standard. This news affects the QS60 size. Other sizes will be introduced in the coming months.

Further information about the different EC-Oil variants and their availability can be found at


Sten Strömgren, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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