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11 Oct 2017 12.33
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engcon's founder Stig Engström nominated Swedish Founder of the Year, 2017

Stig Engström, founder of engcon, the world's leading tiltrotator manufacturer, was recently honoured with the 2017 Swedish Founder of the Year Award at the Founders Alliance Gala in Sweden, which took place on 21 September. The award is yet another testimonial to the journey engcon began as a start-up in 1990 in Strömsund to become the global leader it is today. The driving force back then, as it is today, was to improve excavators and everyday working life for machine operators.

The Gala was held at the Brewery Conference Centre in Stockholm. The award was presented by Mia Rutenius from Founders Alliance award partner Grant Thornton. Behind the Founder of the Year award is the Founders Alliance network with its 600 members and partners.

Stig Engström had this to say about the award:

“The evening was beyond all expectations and it was terrific to win! I got a kick out of getting confirmation that I've done something well, and that hard work pays off. And as a businessman from up north, being recognized like this just adds to the pleasure.”

Stig Engström has always been a bit of an inventor and innovator who loves to reconfigure and modify things, so a technical career was the natural choice. After a few years as employees, Stig and his brother founded engcon in 1990. The company focuses on designing and developing equipment for excavators. Its main product is the Tiltrotator, which can be described as a mechanical wrist that enables an excavator to tilt and rotate buckets and other tools. They make excavators flexible and even more profitable. What started as a small business at home in the garage has grown over the years into a group of companies with sales offices in Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the USA, and a manufacturing company in Poland.

”Sweden needs more companies like engcon”

Niclas Carlsson, founder of Founders Alliance, says that Sweden needs more companies like engcon:

"All the nominees have built fabulous companies, and it's truly satisfying to spotlight a company from Norrland whose founder perseveres in building a business with consistent growth and constant development. And the fact that Stig also makes a great contribution to society through his commitment to the local community is fully in line with the Founders Alliance's entrepreneurial values. Sweden needs more companies like engcon."

The jury's justification reads:

“This entrepreneur has built his business from the ground up with stability, perseverance and an eye for new opportunities. A distinct customer focus and the founder's total commitment have created a company with good profitability, excellent prospects and clear future planning. Through his strong commitment to the local community, the winner has created new jobs and contributed to the common good by promoting diversity and inclusion, and thereby keeping the community alive.

For further information, contact:

Sten Strömgren, engcon, phone: +46 (0)70-529 96 32, e-mail:
Kajsa Nordström, Founders Alliance, phone: +46 (0)73-716 86 34,

On images, credit photographer: David Thunander

About the award: The Founder of the Year Award is aimed at the founders of all companies in Sweden with annual net sales of more than SEK 100 million, SEK 10 million in annual earnings and 10 or more employees. Rankings are based on three indices: 1. Past performance – sales and profitability; 2. Future potential – equity interest; for how long and how big the entrepreneur is able and willing to build the company, foreign establishment, 3. Common good – employment, tax and commitment to the community. The Founder of the Year Award jury comprised: Chairman Shori Zand - Avesina; Anders Wall – Beijer Invest; Sven Hagströmer – Creades, and Paul Källenius – Consortio.

Photographer: David Thunander

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