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01 Nov 2016 07.18
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Engcon is first to offer a proportional control system with simultaneous control of all tiltrotator functions for the new JCB Hydradig

Engcon is theEngcon is the first – and so far only – supplier able to provide simultaneous joystick control of all tiltrotator functions, together with excavator drive control and other functionality on the Hydradig using our DC2 control system and MIG joysticks. As well as steering and FNR, control of the offset boom feature has been popular on early installations, although other options are available.

”The work involved in getting the DC2 and MIG2 ready for the Hydradig was painstaking and rewarding,” says Roberth Jonsson, Product Manager at Microprop, the company which makes Engcon’s control systems. Jonsson is pleased how well the development of the steering control went.

"After an initial meeting with JCB we were able to configure the DC2 controller to work with the Hydradig and our R&D team then built prototypes to test in the field. As is often the case with developing new Engcon solutions, our customers are our best critics and give us great feedback.”

Successful field tests

Development work took place at Microprop in Sweden in close collaboration with JCB dealers and a selected group of Hydradig owners, before moving on to test environments in the UK and the Nordic region. Petteri Sirva, Head of Sales at Mateko Oy – JCB’s Finnish representative – is very satisfied with the Engcon/Hydradig combination:

”I recommended the DC2/MIG2 combination for Hydradig right from the start because I have confidence in Engcon’s products, safety record and their service, particularly when it comes to spare parts. Engcon remains at the top of my list of recommendations for my customers. For example, the components fit just as they should first time. It's what makes Engcon the confident choice.”

In common with other versions of Engcon’s DC2, the Hydradig version also allows remote support via a smartphone. When used in combination with Engcon’s MIG2 joysticks, up to six different functions can be operated proportionally at the same time.

JCB Hydradig-compatible DC2 controllers and MIG2 joysticks are already available for order.


Sten Strömgren, Marketing Manager, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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