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14 Jun 2016 08.30
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Engcon launches new timber grab series for excavators

Following increased demand for more powerful timber grabs specially constructed for excavators, Engcon is launching a completely new timber grab series. The new grabs – Timber Grab Heavy Duty (TGHD) – were developed based on the requirements of a great many excavator operators.

“Our end-users are our greatest R&D resource bar none, and it's thanks to them we know we're developing the right product for the right use," says Johan Johansson, Design Manager at Engcon Holding.

According to Johan Johansson, there are a number of outstanding features that characterize Engcon's new timber grab series. They are:

  1. High-strength steel grab arms with yield points up to 700 MPa for maximum service life
  2. Grab tip wear bars with 400 Brinell hardness for best durability
  3. A non-return valve built into the hydraulic cylinder and an accumulator mounted directly onto the cylinder without hoses keep the load safe and secure should any pressure drop occur
  4. Expander bolts in joints prevent unnecessary play
  5. Bolt-on bracket/mounting makes it easy to switch brackets as needed
  6. Bolt-on bracket/mounting reduces the need for dealers to keep multiple timber grabs of the same size in stock

The timber grabs are produced in four different sizes: TG25HD – 0.25 m2, TG28HD – 0.28 m2, TG42HD – 0.42 m2 and TG55HD – 0.55 m2

"These are the sizes in greatest demand, but should there be other requirements, we’re open to suggestions," says Johan Johansson.

Engcon's new timber grab series was unveiled at the Svenska Maskinmässan construction equipment exhibition, and series deliveries will begin during the autumn of 2016.


Sten Strömgren, Marketing Manager, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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