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13 Apr 2016 15.41
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engcon launches unique quick hitch, detachable grab and rotating brushes

Thanks to engcon's focus on innovation and development, Q-Safe, one of the world's safest quick hitches for excavators, is acquiring additional functions. engcon is now launching the new Q-Safe-Detachable (QSD) and two detachable hydraulic tools, in the form of rotating brushes and a grab cassette.

The launch of Q-Safe-D means that the quick hitch is equipped with two powerful hooks as a standard. Together with space for extra hydraulics, it is now possible to connect detachable hydraulic tools. This design entails increased safety as a result of the attachment being integrated in the quick hitch and not having any loose parts, which can result in the tools coming loose.

"As early as 2016, we will start building certain tiltrotator models with our new QSD quick hitch as a standard feature. With the powerful hooks on the front edge and extra hydraulics, we are enabling the use of hydraulic attachments. All of this is in line with our idea of making excavators more efficient, safer and more profitable," says Fredrik Jonsson, Development Manager at engcon.

engcon's grab cassette developed to fit QSD

engcon's grab cassette has now been developed to fit Q-Safe-D. The grab cassette, called Grab Detachable (GRD), will begin to be mass produced in 2016 in conjunction with the launch.

"The grab cassette is simply hooked in place in the QSD quick hitch, after which it is locked in position and the hydraulics are connected with a single operation – a manoeuvre that takes less than one minute," explains Fredrik.

Two versions of GRD are available: GRD10 which fits quick hitches in sizes QS45 and QS50, and GRD20 for quick hitches in size QS60.

New Sweeper Detachable (SWD) rotating brushes make the machine more flexible

Just as with the GRD grab cassette, engcon's new SWD rotating brushes can be retrofitted on the Q-Safe-D quick hitch. SWD is driven by a powerful hydraulic motor and is folded up or down with a hydraulic cylinder. SWD also minimises the need for manual labour, which contributes to a safer workplace.

"SWD is flexible by design. By choosing the width of the rotating brush, the work matches more precisely the steps to be performed. The narrowest version of SWD can be used for cable sweeping, which facilitates excavation and above all leads to fewer cut cables or lines. Choosing SWD's wider version combined with the tiltrotator enables sweeping in gravel or soil into your own bucket, which makes it easier to clean off loose material," explains Fredrik at engcon.

The new QSD quick hitch, the GRD detachable grab and the SWD rotating brushes are being exhibited at trade fairs throughout Europe, beginning with Bauma in Germany on 11-17 April.


Sten Strömgren, Marketing Manager, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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