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16 Mar 2016 15.17
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Realmachinery in Finland chooses engcon tiltrotators as standard in Doosan leasing machines

RealMachinery, the Finnish agent for Doosan, introduced a new leasing concept at the beginning of the year. It is offering a well-equipped machine with service and insurance as a fixed-price package for up to 8,000 hours and five years. The RealMachinery package includes, in addition to central lubrication, heater, etc., also the engcon tiltrotator. The aim is to offer leasing customers a complete and well-thought-out machine concept at a fixed price.

RealMachinery has decided to use engcon's tiltrotator with DC2 control system and MIG2 joysticks on their leasing machines as they are well-known products in Finland, where many machine operators have used these products successfully.

"The leasing machines have equipment of guaranteed quality and reliability"

The CEO of RealMachinery, Mikko Uusi-Marttila, says the new leasing concept is a market innovation.

"The economic situation and the competition are stiff at the moment, you have to scrutinize the cost of contract work more closely. That's why customers who are thinking about the profit margins need to know about costs in advantage. The cost of machinery must be reduced and cost efficiency improved. We neither charge a down payment nor a final fee for our leasing machines. We have equipped our machines with a view to cost efficiency so that our customers can concentrate on the work itself."

Tiltrotator – a matter of course in Finland

"Our new equipment and financing package mean our leasing customers get a machine from us with terms never before available in Finland. The customer gets a new machine that is ready equipped and tested, and knows exactly how much needs to be budgeted each month for the machine. As a tiltrotator is standard for almost all our customers, we have equipped all our leasing machines with an engcon tiltrotator. Customers do not need to worry about service for the machines and their equipment. It's part of the package. This is the leasing package for contractors who want to be sure of what they get."

engcon is very happy with RealMachinery's decision to equip its leasing machines with tiltrotators.

"As the leading manufacturer of tiltrotators, we are convinced RealMachinery customers will see an incredible advantage with our product on their machines", says Sami Keturi, Sales Manager at OY engcon Finland AB.


Sami Keturi, Sales Manager, OY engcon Finland AB | +35 [0]8 503 670 780
Sten Strömgren, Marketing Director, engcon Group | +46 [0]70 529 96 32

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