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23 Feb 2015 15.17
  • Press releases

engcon handles higher flows as standard

During 2015, engcon's EC214, EC219, EC226 and EC30 tiltrotators will be successively equipped with a new swivel that will allow higher hydraulic flows. Depending on the tool and configuration selected, the swivel with its NG10 valve delivers flows of up to 120 litres per minute, enabling the operation of tools requiring high flow rates on extra connections.

"Among other things, customers who operate large grapples under their tiltrotators will note a dramatic improvement in opening and closing times" says John Lundqvist, Team Leader at the practical design department.

The new swivel, designated HFSE (High Flow Standard Electric), also has an electrical "channel" for engcon's award-winning Q-Safe quick hitch lock, which will gradually become standard on all tiltrotators with S45, S60, S70 and S80 hitches.

engcon tells us that the EC214 will be the first to be equipped with the HFSE swivel, and the remaining models will be successively fitted with HFSE as standard during 2015.

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