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15 Sep 2014 15.17
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MIG2 makes work easier

Microprop's new MIG2 control for excavators combines maximum ergonomics and functionality.

“We’ve developed a joystick for maximum ergonomic benefit without forgoing requirements for greater safety and more control functions,” says technician Roberth Jonsson, Project Manager at Microprop.

At last year's MaskinExpo, control system manufacture Microprop, a subsidiary of engcon, presented a prototype of the MIG2 joystick. Series production is now up and running, just in time for this year's MaskinExpo.

MIG2 can be adapted to any control system on the market and has been developed in collaboration with contractors and a company specialising in industrial design. The joystick can be fitted with three rollers and seven buttons – twice as many with two joysticks. The operator is also able to work with maximum efficiency and at the same time avoid bodily stress and strain.

The control has an integrated hand support that the wrist rests on without affecting the excavator motion. The hand support is flexible and can be adapted to different hand sizes.

MIG2 is not only ergonomic, but also provides the operator new means of working. The joystick rollers are designed for the thumb, index finger and middle finger, instead of two rollers for the thumb and one for the index finger.

“This is something that's unique to us. It enables an operator to combine all six rollers simultaneously if necessary.”*

* Series production of MIG2 is expected to reach full capacity by autumn 2014.

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