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15 Sep 2014 15.17
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engcon Generation 2 grows with EC206 and EC214

engcon's Generation 2 model programme is growing. engcon is ready to unveil two new tiltrotators just in time for MaskinExpo: EC206 for 4–6 ton excavators and EC214 for 9–14 ton excavators. In other words, engcon's new tiltrotators cover all excavator sizes from 4 to 26 tons.

Like the other members of the Generation 2 family – EC209 (6–9 ton), EC219 (14–19 ton) and EC226 (19–26 ton) – EC206 and EC214 boast a 45 degree tilt angle, integrated central lubrication, increased bushing sizes, and greater ease of service.

“Generation 2 is engineered entirely to suit the new-generation excavators that place completely different demands on technology and material quality than earlier machines,” says Fredrik Jonsson, Design Manager at engcon.

“Because today's excavators are so technologically advanced and extremely strong, equipment has to keep up.”

Many refinements

Fredrik Jonsson mentions that operators of the other Generation 2 models appreciate many of their refinements, especially the integrated central lubrication.

“Indeed, we've had a fantastic response to the factory-installed, integrated central lubrication system. It saves time and money at the equipment workshop, and contractors get to keep their new machines in great shape,” says Fredrik Jonsson.

Over time, EC206 will replace today's EC05B. The big innovationfor EC206 is its 6-channel swivel. It also has two NG6 valves – the same valve used on the larger models – to handle greater flows to and from such things as the extra connections.

The larger EC214, which replaces the EC10 and EC15, has many of the advantages listed above – plus one more. Thanks to its size, EC214 is extremely well suited for backhoes.

Sales of EC206 in pre-series form will begin immediately. Series production will begin in September. Sales of EC214 in pre-series form will begin in the autumn. Series production will begin in early 2015. Approximately six months later, the models will be launched in markets outside of the Nordic region.

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