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15 Sep 2014 15.17
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DC2 – the only control system with remote support via smartphone

Thanks to a unique function, engcon's Microprop DC2 control system has left the competition in the dust. DC2 is the only control system on the market that enables users to receive remote support via their smartphone. All thanks to a specially designed app.

“This is a huge time saver for the customer during calibration and service,” says technician Roberth Jonsson, Project Manager at Microprop AB.

Microprop, a subsidiary of engcon, launched its DC2 control system in 2012. The control system can be used with any brand on the market and comes packed with features, such as track and wheel control and boom control.

A unique feature that is not available from any other manufacturer is remote support with remote control and troubleshooting via a free app (Andriod) installed on the operator's smartphone and a blueband chip in the control unit. This serves as an alternative to use of a computer and USB connection. The advantages are many.

All control systems require calibration after installation. This was previously handled on site by a service technician. Now, it can be done remotely through connection of the operator's smartphone to the control system and remote support.

“This saves time during calibration. It also saves time during troubleshooting as we can quickly locate the fault remotely – regardless of where the machine is located – and send out a service technician with the right parts, if necessary,” says Roberth Jonsson.

Often control system support involves adjustment. With Microprop DC2 and an Android phone, no one has to travel out on a service call. This saves both time and money.

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