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23 May 2014 15.17
  • Press releases

More generation 2 models from engcon

engcon, world-leaders in tiltrotators for excavators in weight class 1.5–32 tons, unveil the EC209, the third model in generation 2, at this year's Maskin-Expo show.

The EC209 is specially adapted for the volume segment of 7–9 ton excavators, and builds on the same principle as the EC219 and EC226.

This means, amongst other things, a 45 degree tilt angle, integrated central lubrication, increased bushing sizes, hydraulic motor on the left-hand side and increased service access.

"Generation 2 is based on the present generation but using our customers' opinions and wishes", explains Fredrik Jonsson, engcon's Design Manager.

Fredrik mentions that those customers currently using the EC219 and EC226 machines especially appreciate the central lubrication system.

"Yes, it actually received a far more positive reception then we could ever have imagined", Fredrik explains, and goes on to point out that the fitting-out time for a new excavator is significantly shortened as all the lubrication points are drawn to the one single lube block.

"It's time and money that the contractor saves on his new machine".

engcon say that a pre-production series of the EC209 will be on sale during the autumn with the first production models coming out by the end of the year.

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