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22 May 2013 10.48
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The engcon EC-Oil syste for allows quick hydraulic tool changes in tough environments

At the Bauma trade fair, engcon will be displaying its next generation hydraulic quick hitch, the EC-Oil system.
The quick hitch is available in several sizes, and allows rapid, secure changes of hydraulic tools, without the operator needing to leave the cab.

”The EC-Oil has been developed for maximum reliability in dirty and demanding environments. Thorough lab tests and field studies show that w have succeeded in our ambition,” says Sten Strömgren, Communications Manager at engcon Group.

The Swedish company engcon is a world-leade in the development of tiltrotators – the excavator’s ’wrist’ enabling the operator to rotat and tilt the bucket or tool that is being used – and has produced a complete tool range t further increase the flexibility and profitabilit of an excavator.

This company has the new generation of quick hitch, the EC-Oil, with a entirely automatic connection of hydraulic and electrical fixings.
The new EC-Oil has been created fo maximum operating safety in demanding environments.

The proprietary oil and electrical connections are designed to be even mor resistant to the often tough working conditions for excavators.

Safe design

The EC-Oil system has no hoses or electrica cables that move during connection, reducing the risk of crush injury, damage, or wear.
There is also mechanical protection which prevent the bracket being incorrectly connected, reducing the risk of breakdown.

The in-built pressure relief valve enables the tool to be change whilst maintaining complete system pressure.
”Our focus was to create a robust desig with maximum operating safety. Our wear tests show that the EC-Oil can cope with thousand of connections/disconnections, even in dirt conditions, without function being affected”, says Sten Strömgren.

Complete freedom of choice

  • The EC-Oil, together with an engcon tiltrotator allows an excavator to achieve maximum flexibility, safety and profitability.
  • The EC-Oil permits the operator to use the exact too combination needed for each task.
  • For digging, when the tiltrotator is used to its full advantage the EC-Oil can be used for incredibly rapid too changes under the tiltrotator.
  • On the occasions that the tiltrotator is not required, it can b disconnected as quickly and simply as the too under the tiltrotator; for example, when maximum breaking force is required when diggin harder materials.
  • This also saves weight, which means fuel savings and a better total economy.
  • The EC-Oil also gives the operator the chanc to quickly remove the tiltrotator if a minimum breaking width is needed when digging deep thin shafts, where there is not enough space for the bucket to be rotated.

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