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22 May 2013 10.51
  • Press releases

Record grab width set by engcon

One of the most popular integrated grabs on the market has now been given a major upgrade. In conjunction with the release of Generation 2 – EC219 and EC226 are already in series production – grab 20 has also been upgraded, with a significantly extended grab width.

engcon was the first to develop a three-clawe grab as well as the classic rounded grab shape, which is appreciated by thousands of user today.

Now there is a new generation of grabs, with several new features.
These include a significantly increased grab width. The smallest version can grab 820 mm with the S1 or S60 quick coupler, which is easily sufficient for the current European standar of 800 mm drain covers and pipe diameters.

If the tilt rotator is fitted with an S2 or S7 quick hitch, the grab width increases to 950 mm, which is a record in this class. The largest integrated grab sold by engcon the GR30 for tilt rotators with the S80 quick hitch, is also a leader in its class with an impressiv 1 080 mm grab width.

”We maintain continuous contact with th customers who use our products. Many of the comments and requests coming back hav been about our integrated grabs, which we have now upgraded”, explains Göran Kroon engcon design engineer involved in the development of the GR20B.

Göran Kroon lists some of the updates to the GR20B.

  • Significantly increased grab diameter
  • The torque reaction bar is fixed securely, t prevent the noise that can occur if it is loose.
  • The design of the pins for the grab claw fixing has also been updated.

On request, engcon can provide custo torque reaction bars to fit exactly to the material being grabbed.

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