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22 May 2013 10.45
  • Press releases

New tiltrotator is impressive

engcon’s 2 series generation is expanding. The Bauma trade fair saw both the EC226 and the latest ddition, the EC219, showcased to an international crowd.
The 2-series tiltrotators are robust, lubricated from a central point, easy to service and have an increased tilt angle.

The Swedish company engcon is a world-leade in the development of tiltrotators – a ’wrist’ on the excavator shaft, which can both rotate
and tilt. Now the next generation has arrived: the 2 series.
The EC226, which is a successful replacemen for the faithful old EC20B, is designed for excavators in the 18–26 ton weight class.
The new arrival, the EC219, is suitable for excavator in the growing 14–19 ton segment.

A common feature of the 2 series is that th tilt has been increased to 45 degrees making the series significantly more powerful. The new design and stronger body has dramaticall improved performance – compared with the equivalent tiltrotator in the B series, the EC21 has 37 % greater breaking force and 27 % greater torque!

Several improvements

The hydraulic motor has been moved to th left-hand side, where it is well protected and visible to the operator. The new tiltrotators are equipped with central lubrication and ar adapted for a high flow swivel, as an increasing number of excavators are fitted with high flow additional equipment. A new type of valve also provides significant fuel savings.

The first customers have already found new favourite in their new 2 series tiltrotator. Gunnar Nilsson in Skellefteå says:
”How can I explain it?’s wonderfully stable yet quick and responsive. I really can’t find the words, it’s just that good!”

Just as pleased is Lasse Hellsén from Härnösand with his EC226 on his new 24 ton excavator.
”Oh yes, this combination is absolutely fabulous! The tiltrotator tilts more and feels stable and versatile.”

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