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The new DC2 – a stroke of luck for Marcus

Marcus Hägg was looking for a Cat short radius excavator with a tiltrotator – and got the new engcon DC2 control system into the bargain.

“It was an unexpected stroke of luck. I’m delighted with the control system,” he says.

For about ten years, Marcus was employed as a forest harvester operator in Sunne Municipality in Sweden. But about three years ago, he decided to change tack and founded the company Häggs Gräv. With an old Cat 307, he began taking on all manner of earth moving and construction jobs.

“Building foundations, sewer trenches, road construction, demolition, cabling work… I’m game for most things,” he says cheerfully.

But things didn’t go quite as expected. Marcus discovered that he missed the forest:

“I just love forestry work,” he says. So he extended his fleet with a harvester, a forwarder and then another forwarder…

“Things are going well. I’ve got two employees now,” he laughs.


Last spring, Marcus decided to replace his old excavator with something newer and better.

“I wanted a Cat again and a short radius excavator, preferably with a tiltrotator, which I didn’t have on the old machine,” he explains.

By chance, he saw a demo machine at last year’s MaskinExpo which matched his requirements exactly – and then some. It was a Cat 308 DCR equipped with an engcon EC10 tiltrotator and a prototype for the new Microprop DC2 control system.

Marcus took the plunge and bought the machine straight after MaskinExpo.

“The investment was a stroke of luck. I wasn’t looking for the control system, but now I’m delighted that it was part of the deal. It’s absolutely fabulous.”

Marcus praises the DC2 for being simple and easy to handle, and because the support and settings can be done via a PC.

“But what I love most is the excellent track control function in the joystick.”

“I wasn’t looking for the control system, but now I’m delighted that it was part of the deal. It’s absolutely fabulous.”

Marcus Hägg, Häggs Gräv

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