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“The perfect job for a tiltrotator”

On one side of the railings, Steen Damsgard sits in the excavator. On the other side, an engcon tiltrotator is making his work easy and quick.

“This is the perfect job for a tiltrotator when it’s not possible to stand directly over the ditch,” explains Steen, demonstrating how he excavates offset with the machine on one side of the railings and the bucket on the other.

Steen Damsgard is working on the E4 motor­way section towards Helsingör,
digging pits for fibre optic cable trenches which will make people’s Internet connections every bit as fast as the motorway. He’s working for Firma Bramsnes Entreprenørfirma A/S, a subcontractor hired for this project by developer Barslund A/S.

The machine is a brand new Hydrema MX18, a demo machine fitted with engcon tiltrotator EC219.

Steen normally operates an older Hitachi wheeled excavator, also fitted with an engcon tiltrotator.  But now he’s considering buying a new machine and is looking forward to really putting the Hydrema machine through its paces.

When the cable trench has been made, it’s time for backfilling. With great precision, Steen tips out the gravel that will form a stable base for the cable trench.

“This is the perfect job for a tiltrotator when it’s not possible to stand directly over the ditch.”

Steen Damsgard, Firma Bramsnes Entreprenørfirma A/S

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