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MIG2 – the best joysticks on the market

Markus Lövgren was using the proportional control system DC2 with the new joysticks MIG2 two years ago.

But back then he was our test pilot, and now they’re in series production.

“Yes, most of my opinions and requests have now been turned into reality with MIG2,” says Markus with satisfaction.

It’s a sunny autumn day in Edsele, north-west Ångermanland. Contractor E Karlströms AB is working on a fibre project there, having been commissioned by the local Sollefteå Stadsnät.

One of the excavators – a new Hyundai 140W-9A fitted with an engcon EC219 tiltrotator with grab, the DC2 proportional control system and the new MIG2 joysticks – is being operated by Markus Lövgren.

Markus has been operating excavators off and on since 1990, and full-time since 2004, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell us what he thinks of the new joysticks.

“The MIG2 joysticks are fantastically beautiful and ergonomic. The hand support is a big advantage during ditching works, for example, when you have a lot of joysticks to operate as well as using wheel steering and tilt/rotation. This means you don’t have to squeeze the joysticks as you grip them,” explains Markus.

Good support

To describe the situation a little more clearly, Markus shows us how he has to release some of his grip on the handle in order to operate all rollers. This shows us clearly how the hand support helps him to keep his hand in place during the outbound excavation movements.

But these joysticks aren’t completely new to Markus. He was involved in the project two years ago, when it all began and the first prototypes were tested.

“Yes, I was involved in that testing and most of my opinions and requests have now been turned into reality.”

Markus also praises the function which makes it possible to get remote support for the DC2 control system using an app on his smartphone.

“This service offered by engcon is brilliant. All I have to do it connect my phone to engcon’s support team, and then they calibrate my tiltrotator from the office. This is both cheaper and quicker than sending out a service engineer,” says Markus, rounding off his work by clearing an entrance at a location where a fibre optic cable was recently buried which will give the area in and around Edsele faster Internet speeds.

“The MIG2 joysticks are fantastically beautiful and ergonomic. The hand support is a big advantage.”

Markus Lövgren, E Karlströms AB

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