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Q-Safe™ keeps Daniel safe and makes the site safer

When Daniel Edgren switches buckets on his excavator, a warning light on the boom flashes and an audible warning sounds. It doesn’t stop until the tool is properly coupled.

“My workmates complain that I make such a racket,” laughs Daniel, and continues “Joking aside; Q-Safe brings a feeling of security, both for me and everyone around the machine.”

Daniel Edgren, excavator operator for the past 15 years, works at Bröderna Engströms Entreprenadmaskiner AB in Örebro. The company was founded in 1956 and is today run by the second generation of the Engström family, the brothers Jan-Olow and Per-Eric. The company carries out civil engineering works over much of Sweden, and has around 120 construction machines, of which about half are tracked and wheeled excavators of various sizes.

“Just about every excavator from 5 to 25 tons is fitted with tiltrotators from engcon. Our operators can’t work efficiently without tiltrotators,” explains Hans Nilsson, Technical Manager at Engströms.

One of the major assignments right now is the refurbishment of the 1960s Vivalla district in Örebro, a project that is expected to continue for twelve years and where Engströms is a sub-contractor to Skanska. This is where Daniel works in his brand-new Cat 315D, fully equipped with an engcon EC219 tiltrotator, the new Q-Safe quick hitch and EC-Oil. Not forgetting the jewel in the crown – the DC2 control system.

“The machine only has 80 hours on the clock, so everything’s still new. But it feels great,” says Daniel.

Great feeling

Getting acquainted with the new functions takes no time at all. The biggest lasting difference is the feeling – the feeling that work has become safer.
“The lights and audible alerts that warn when the tool is not properly connected are really good. No-one can fail to notice them. And the hydraulic power reduction when something is connected incorrectly makes things even safer.

Daniel has not personally been involved in any incidents with tools that have come loose, but he knows it can happen and he’s come close.

“We’re sometimes in a hurry changing tools and then get distracted by something. Then we continue with the switch, forget to lock the tool and start working. That can’t happen with Q-Safe.”

“Q-Safe brings a feeling of security, both for me and everyone around the machine.”

Daniel Edgren, Bröderna Engströms Entreprenadmaskiner AB

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