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Almost twenty years of engcon

They bought their first tiltrotator from engcon in 1996. Bredbyns Schakt has remained faithful to engcon ever since.

“We’ve had nothing but good experiences of engcon’s products, support and aftermarket service,” says Thomas Lundgren.

Major road works are under way along Highway 348 in Flärke outside Örnsköldsvik, where the road is being widened, reinforced and re-surfaced. Skanska is the main contractor and is running the road works with a number of sub-contractors. One of them is Bredbyns Schakt, which has a number of machines on site.

One of the machines, a Volvo EW160D, is driven by Thomas Lundgren, who is a partner and son to the founder, Levi Lundqvist. For the past few weeks he’s been doing excavation work and replacing material along the road’s shoulders.

“Some sections of the shoulders are weak and would never withstand a widening of the road,” says Thomas, who acquired his digger the previous spring.

“I bought the excavator from Swecon in Örnsköldsvik. I was never in any doubt, it had to have an engcon tiltrotator,” continued Thomas, who also made sure only an EC219, the new generation tiltrotator from engcon, would do.

Only good experiences

Thomas has now been working with his Volvo for a while and has nothing but good to say about the tiltrotator.

“The EC219 feels really stable. And the fact that the tiltrotator has central lubrication is a real plus,” he commends.

And he’ll never forget the first engcon tiltrotator the company had.

“It was back in 1996. Salesman Håkan Wiik came out and delivered the EC20 himself,” says Thomas, who’s remained faithful to engcon ever since.

“We’ve only ever had good experiences with engcon’s products, and have always enjoyed good contacts with support and aftermarket service. It all works really well and is an important part of day-to-day work,” says Thomas, as he leaves to take care of a load of gravel that arrives.

The truck tips the load of gravel next to Thomas, who quickly levels out the material in the excavation he recently finished. And thanks to the tiltrotator he quickly rounds off an access road without having to move the digger.

“We’ve only ever had good experiences with engcon’s products, and have always enjoyed good contacts with support and aftermarket service.”

Thomas Lundgren, Bredbyns Schakt

Equipment on this machine

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