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“engcon spoils me rotten”

The advantages of engcon’s tiltrotators are obvious for Kasper Henriksen.

One machine can do the work of two, and that machine gets additional work as well, thanks to all the tools from engcon.

“I’ve been spoiled rotten by engcon,” laughs Kasper, thinking about the new DC2 control system with wheel steering.

The many construction sites in Copenhagen are hives of activity and there’s no doubt that Denmark is on its way back from the financial crisis that began a few years ago. Construction contracts and equipment investments were pretty sparse back then. Things are completely different today.

At one site we come across Kasper Henriksen with his Doosan DX160W fitted with an engcon EC219, excavating the foundations for what will soon be a REMA 1000 supermarket with apartments on the top floor. Kasper founded the company himself in 2004, and in 2011 his brother Nicolai teamed up with him and they changed the name to today’s Br. Henriksen Aps Entreprenadfirma.

On the day we visited Kasper, the bottom of the excavation was almost completed and only a bit of tidying remained before excavation for shuttering and water and sewage trenches would begin.

A number of service vehicles waited by the road into the site, and one of them revealed that broadband connections were also on the menu. The main construction contractor is O. Adsbøll & Sønner A/S, a well-known construction contractor specialising in housing and retail premises.

Fast worker

We watch Kasper for a while before he stops to talk to us, and it’s impressive to see how skilfully he handles the excavator, and how quickly he performs all the digging manoeuvres.

A truck backs in and within just a few minutes he fills it with the last remaining spoil from the site.

“It doesn’t matter if its loading spoil or precision excavation and grading, I always find the tiltrotator an advantage,” says Kasper. We ask him to explain what he means by precision excavation, and he immediately gives us a demonstration. He quickly levels the ground at exactly the right height where some shuttering and a drain must be put in place.

One machine instead of two

Thanks to tiltrotator he can remain in one place the whole time, and when the grading is finished Kasper switches to a pallet fork and right away begins moving aside a pallet of finely cut granite masonry.

“We need one less machine at the site and I get more to do with my excavator thanks to the tools I have,” says Kasper, pointing to the place where he keeps all his buckets, a sorting grab and the fork frame he just used.

Everything is hauled on a trailer he pulls behind his excavator. It’s also used to haul away spoil and bring gravel to the sites he is working on.

Kasper’s excavator is also equipped with engcon’s Microprop DC2 control system with wheel steering.

“This is Denmark’s first Doosan excavator with DC2 and wheel steering, and everything works perfectly,” says Kasper admiringly about his equipment.

“Working without a tiltrotator is utterly unthinkable. And now I’m spoiled because of the wheel steering, another excellent function,” concludes Kasper, who immediately connects the sorting grab and begins removing a pile of stubs he dug up during the morning.

“It doesn’t matter if its loading spoil or precision excavation and grading, I always find the tiltrotator an advantage.”

Kasper Henriksen, Br. Henriksen Aps Entreprenadfirma

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