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After trying a tiltrotator, there’s no looking back

Norwegians faithfully celebrate their national day every year on 17th May to mark the signing of the Norwegian Constitution at Eidsvoll on 17th May 1814.

It was regarded as the most radical constitution of its time – and radical, modern solutions are still popular in Eidsvoll.

“My Cat 323 is fully equipped with GPS machine control and an engcon EC30. I simply can’t imagine going back to the older technology,” says Robert Strandheim.

Robert is an excavator operator at Åge Haverstad Entreprenör A/S, a contracting company in the town of Eidsvoll north-east of Oslo. Today he’s putting the final touches to a pedestrian and cycling path that he and his colleagues have built over the past winter and spring.

With impressive speed and precision, he builds a slope out of clay and earth dug up by a Cat D6 crawler excavator.

“It’s been very wet here. Normally some of the sloping can be done with the crawler excavator, but that’s impossible now,” explains Robert, stopping for a few minutes to chat with us.

Wide variety

Robert has been with the company for a few years and describes his job as very varied. One day he might be building slopes and adding finishing touches, like on this job, while the next day he might be excavating earth from large pits. 

He has no doubts about the technical advances in the construction sector in recent years:

“My 323 is fully equipped with GPS machine control and an EC30. I simply can’t imagine going back to the older technology,” he says.

Åge Haverstad Entreprenör A/S is one of Norway’s largest contracting companies, based in Sør-Fron about 250 km from Oslo.

The company performs a wide variety of turnkey contracts ranging from prospecting, road construction, excavation, water and sewage, concrete, blasting, machine transportation and crane services.

“I simply can’t imagine going back to the older technology.”

Robert Strandheim, Åge Haverstad

Equipment on this machine

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