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24 May 2016 08.42
  • Press release

Engcon launches Riddle Buckets for excavators

Engcon, the world-leading tiltrotator manufacturer, is launching a series of Riddle Buckets to complement its wide range of buckets, grabs, hydraulic attachments, and other accessories for excavators in the 1.5 – 32 tonne range.

The Riddle Buckets are intended for simpler sorting jobs where there is no access to sorted material for backfilling, or for other jobs that require material without large rocks.

"Our new Riddle Bucket is based on our best-selling grading bucket that has been part of our product range since 2008," says Johan Johansson, engineering designer at Engcon Holding.

Johan Johansson tells us that instead of a sealed base, the Riddle Bucket has round bars, in high-strength steel, that run the width of the bucket. The distance between the steel bars ranges from 30 mm on the small buckets to 70 mm on the largest models.

"Both the steel bars and the cutting steel are rated at 500 Brinell, which guarantees maximum service life," concludes Johan Johansson.

Engcon‘s new Riddle Buckets are available in 12 different sizes with widths from 900 mm for smaller excavators and up to 2000 mm for larger machines.

Deliveries began Spring 2016.

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